TKACHYOV Roman Aleksandrovich

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TKACHYOV Roman Aleksandrovich (sort. in 1898) — the Soviet neuropathologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1965), professor (1966).

TKACHYOV Roman Aleksandrovich

Ended in 1922 medical f-t Moscow un-that, the pupil G. I. Rossolimo, E. K. Seppa, S. N. Davidenkov. Since 1922 the department chair of nervous diseases of Ivanovskoye medical ii-that worked at department of nervous diseases of the 1st MMI, since 1939. Participant of the Great Patriotic War, hl. neuropathologist of a number of fronts. From 1950 to 1970 the manager. clinical department Monday-that neurology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1970 professor - the consultant of the same Monday - that.

R. A. Tkachyov is an author more than 100 scientific works, l of wasps in I shchepny to questions of clinical neuropathology, a pathophysiology and a patomorfologiya of diseases of a nervous system. It described a special acute form of a narcolepsy, revealed a number of new symptoms and for the first time gave the detailed characteristic of a cataplectic attack (see the Cataplexy, t. 20, additional materials). Are investigated by it iatofp-ziol. mechanisms of speech disturbances; classification is offered aphasias (see); predictive criteria and a complex of recovery actions at their different forms are elaborated; for the first time in domestic literature the inborn alexia is described.

The cycle of works of R. A. Tkachyov is devoted to a problem of vascular damages of a brain, especially questions of passing disturbances of cerebral circulation (clinic, topical and etiological diagnosis, a pathogeny, treatment and prevention). Its researches of hereditary diseases of a nervous system carry on traditions of the founder of domestic clinical neurogenetics S. N. Davidenkov. They are devoted to questions of early diagnosis, a pathogeny, treatment of hereditary diseases of a nervous system, especially with preferential defeat of extrapyramidal, pyramidal and cerebellar systems, and also to problems of medicogenetic consultation. R. A. Tkachyov for the first time described family local myoclonia (see), proved unity of neural amyotrophy of Sharko — Mari and Goffmann's diseases.

R. A. Tkachyov is a chlenomprav-leniya All-Union and Moscow about-in neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the honorary member Bulgarian about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists.

«the sign of Honour» (two), medals, and also an award of the State banner of the I degree of Democratic People's Republic of Korea is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner, the Red Star.

Works: To a question of «paramyoclonus multiplex», Vopr. a pedology it is also put. psikhonev-rol., under the editorship of M. O. Gurevich, century 3, page 154, 1928; Hereditary form of a narcolepsy, Owls. neuropath., nsikhiat. and gtsi-hogpg., t. 11, century 2, page 60, 1933; About classification and the forecast of afazichesky frustration, in book: Vopr. wedge, and patofi-ziol. aphasias, under the editorship of E. V. Schmidt and R. A. Tkachyov, page 5, M., 1961; Passing disturbances of cerebral circulation, M., 1967 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Roman Aleksandrovich Tkachyov (To the 80 anniversary since birth), Zhurn. neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 78, No. 12, page 1880, 1978.

E. V. Schmidt.