TKACHENKO Boris Ivanovich

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TKACHENKO Boris Ivanovich (sort. in 1931) — the Soviet physiologist, the academician of AMH (1984). Member of the CPSU.

TKACHENKO Boris Ivanovich

Ended in 1955. Dnipropetrovsk medical in-t also went to work in Ying t of experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1964 protected dokt. the thesis devoted to reflex mechanisms of functional relationship of heart and vessels, professor (1968). Since 1965 till present manager. laboratory of physiology and pathology of blood circulation of department of general physiology Ying-that experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. At the same time in 1970 — 1973 the deputy director in-that on scientific work, and since 1973 the head of department of physiology of visceral systems same in-that.

B. I. Tkachenko is the author of St. 200 scientific works, including 3 monographs on problems of physiology and pathology of blood circulation, the editor-in-chief of a number of collections and the 2-volume guide to physiology of blood circulation. It conducted researches fiziol. mechanisms of regulation of capacity vessels and venous system its multicircuit character providing participation of blood in transcapillary exchange of liquids, and also timely return of enough blood to heart is also established. By means of a method of the managed experiment it investigated patterns of changes of size of venous return to heart from dynamics of cordial emission and the ABP level. He offered new functional classification of cardiovascular system and its symbolic circuit. A number of works of B. I. Tkachenko is devoted to studying of respiratory function of lungs depending on the nature of blood circulation, and also to a ratio of neuromediator and hormonal mechanisms at regulation of activity went. - kish. path.

B. I. Tkachenko is the chairman of section of physiology of Scientific council of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the member of Scientific council on complex problems of human physiology and animal Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the member of bureau of Department medicobiologically of sciences of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the member of the commission on cardiovascular system of the International union of physiologists, the board member Vsesoyuznogo and Leningrad about-in physiologists, the member of Advisory council of VAK USSR, the associate editor of the Achievements of Physiological Sciences magazine and multivolume guide to physiology. Winner of awards to them. A. The pilgrim (1980) and of V. V. Larin (1982).

Works: Reflex mechanisms of functional relationship of heart and vessels, yew., JI., 1964; Regional and system vasomotor reactions, D., 1971 (sovm. with other); Nervous mechanisms of control of capacity vessels, Usp. fiziol. sciences, t. 4, No. 3, page 24, 1973 (sovm. from Chernyavskaya G. V.); Cardiovascular reflexes, JI., 1975 (sovm. with other); The Role of capacity vessels in regional and system blood circulation, in book: Sovr. probl. fiziol. blood circulations, under the editorship of Ya. V. Skards, etc., page 187, Riga, 1975; Studying of capacity vessels, in book: Methods of a research of blood circulation, under the editorship of B. I. Tkachenko, page 64, D., 1976 (sovm. from Chernyavskaya G. V.); Venous blood circulation, D., 1979.

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