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TIMOSINUM — biologically active drug representing mix of the water-soluble proteins and polypeptides extracted from tissue of a thymus (thymus gland) of mammals; provides maturing of T lymphocytes. T. is one of humoral factors thymus (see), to-rye treat mediators of immune system; it is allocated by A. Goldstein, etc. in 1965. In the USSR active drugs of humoral factors of a thymus were also received.

Drug T. includes several fractions: 5, 5a, 6, Tα1, Tα5, Tα7 and Tβ1, Tβ3, Tβ4. Molecules about a pier belong to fraction 5. it is powerful (weighing) 12 000 — 70 000, to Tα fraction — molecules about a pier. weighing 2200 — 3000, to Tβ fraction — molecules about a pier. weighing 5200 — 5500.

At introduction to an organism of T. the transplant against the owner accelerates rejection of allotransplant, reaction (see. Immunity transplant ), strengthens an antibody response (see. Antibodies ), causes increase in quantity of T lymphocytes in blood (see Immunokompatentny cells). In vitro T. strengthens E-rosetting by lymphocytes (see. Rosetting tests ), intensifies blasttransformation of lymphocytes (see) in the mixed culture also induces emergence on lymphocytes (see). T-markers in response to mitogens. Wedge. tests showed positive action of T. at primary and secondary immunodeficiency (see. Immunological insufficiency ).

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P. V. Petrov.