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TIMOLEPTICHESKY SUBSTANCES (thymoleptica; Greek thymos of a shower, mood + leptikos capable to take, to apprehend) — the term applied to designation of psychopharmacological substances from group of antidepressants.

Kilkholtsem is offered in 1958 and Battegai (R. of Kielholz, R. Battegay) soon after emergence of the first tricyclic antidepressant of Imipraminum (tofranil), the main property to-rogo is timoleptichesky action (ability to improve mood). As it became clear further, the timoleptichesky effect is only one of manifestations of effect of antidepressants. It can be combined with the activating or calming influence on c. the N of page, and at different drugs is marked out actually timoleptichesky and calming (ability to reduce alarming agitation) or activating (reduction of block) action. Antidepressants from group of MAO inhibitors have the most expressed activating effect — Nialamidum (see), etc. For designation of drugs of this group by Cline (Kline, 1958) the term «timeretik» was suggested (to Greek eretho to irritate). In modern medical literature this term is not used, and the term «timoleptik» is applied seldom. The term «antidepressants» is common, and depending on existence at these or those drugs of a sedative or promoting effect they are divided into two basic groups: antidepressants with sedative action and antidepressants with a promoting effect.

From modern antidepressants (see) the most expressed timoleptichesky action possess imipramine (see), dibenzepin (noverit), melitratsen (trausabun), etc., having at the same time moderate stimulating or sedative effect. At amitriptyline (see) timoleptichesky action it is combined with strong sedation. Has the expressed timoleptichesky effect Pyrazidolum (see). At a trimeprnmin (syurmontil), chlorprothixene, etc. sedative action is combined with moderate timoleptichesky effect.

See also Psychopharmacological means .

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