TIMOFEEV Alexander Ignatyevich

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TIMOFEEV Alexander Ignatyevich (1881 — 1929) — the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist.

TIMOFEEV Alexander Ignatyevich

In 1904 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that and till 1909 worked as the territorial doctor in the Perm province. Since 1910 the manager. laboratory of obstetric and gynecologic clinic of V. S. Gruzdev. In 1913 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about development of a yellow body of an ovary. Since 1915 the senior assistant, and in 1916 the privatdozent of obstetric and gynecologic clinic Kazan un-that. Since 1918 the privatdozent and later professor of obstetric and gynecologic clinic Tomsk un-that. Since 1920 professor of the obstetric and gynecologic clinic organized by it in Kazanskokhm un-those improvements of doctors.

A. I. Timofeev is an author more than 30 scientific works, including works about a structure of a yellow body of an ovary, in a cut he for the first time proved an epithelial origin of this education. It described changes of a yellow body of an ovary in the course of an ovarian and menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Its works on anatomy of female generative organs, extrauterine pregnancy, about Cesarean section, cancer of female generative organs, local anesthesia, an etiology of inborn uglinesses, etc. were renowned. It for the first time in 1925 began to apply a local infiltration anesthesia by A. V. Vishnevsky's method at obstetric and gynecologic operations.

Works: About development of a yellow body (corpus luteum) of an ovary of the person, Kazan, 1913; Activity Kazan obstetric gine-kologicheskoy clinics on fight against cancer of a uterus in fifteen years, Pg., 1917; Anatomy, histology and topography of women's urinogenital bodies, in book: To r and in with-to and y L. A. The management on wives. to diseases, page 49, L., 1927; Experience of use of a local infiltration anesthesia at gynecologic operations, Kazansk. medical zhurn., No. 10, page 1013, 1928.

Bibliography: Gruzdev V. Memories of professor Alexander Ignatyevich Timofeev, Zhurn. akush. and wives. Bol., t. 40, book 7-8, page IX, 1929; M and N e N to about in P. V. the Prof. Alexander Ignatyevich Timofeev (1881 — 1929), Akush. and ginek., No. 2, page 101, 1958: H at to and l about in K. Professor Alexander Ignatyevich Timofeev (1881 — 1929), Ginek. and akush., No. 1, page 17, 1930.

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