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TIMOFEEVSKY Pavel Ilyich (1878 — 1943) — the figure of the Soviet military medicine, the specialist in the field of the organization and tactics of health service, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), a brig doctor (1935).


In 1903 ended VMA. Participated as the medical officer in rus-sko-Japanese (1904 — 1905), World War I (1914 — 1918) and Civil (1918 — 1920) wars. In May, 1919 at the first offensive of White Guard troops of the general Yudenich at Petrograd it was appointed the chief of District military and sanitary administration, and in the winter of 1920 — the assistant to the chief of the Head military and sanitary department of RKKA by an organizational part. In 1923 the conference (council) of VMA elects P. I. Timofeevsky to a position of the teacher of an independent course of military and sanitary administration and military and sanitary tactics, than the foundation was laid for teaching in academy of the organization and tactics of medical service. Since 1929 the senior teacher of department of military and military and sanitary disciplines of VMA.

P. I. Timofeevsky is an author more than 30 scientific works, including the first Soviet textbook on the organization and tactics of medical service «Sanitary Tactics» which sustained four editions (1925, 1926, 1927, 1931). Its contribution to development of the theory of the organization of medical providing troops is very considerable. He stated the first in domestic military-medical literature a number of basic provisions on the organization of medical ensuring operational associations; showed the defining influence of a fighting situation on the organization of medical providing, on group of forces and means of medical service; in details developed the principles of medical providing troops in the conditions of use by the opponent of toxic agents, was one of pioneers of a research of features of the organization of medical providing the mechanized troops, river flotillas, water (sea) landings, the sea strengthened areas.

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