TIMOFEEVSKY Alexander Dmitriyevich

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TIMOFEEVSKY Alexander Dmitriyevich (sort. in 1887) — the Soviet pathologist, the founder of a method of culture of fabrics in domestic medicine, the academician of AMH (1945), the member correspondent of AN of USSR (1939). zasl. scientist of USSR (1947), winner of the State award USSR (1948).

TIMOFEEVSKY Alexander Dmitriyevich

In 1912 ended medical f-t Tomsk un-that. Doctor of medicine (1919).

Since 1922 managed department of the general pathology Tomsk un-that, since 1934 — experimental and biological department of the Central Ukrainian radiological in-that (Kharkiv), since 1941 — department of explantation of fabrics Ying-that clinical

physiology it. A. A. Bogomoltsa of AN of USSR (Kiev). From 1954 to 1963 headed department of an etiology and pathogeny of tumors, till 1970 — laboratory of biology of the cultivated tumor cells Ying-that experimental pathology and therapy of cancer (nowadays All-Union oncological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow).

A. D. Timofeeveny published St. 150 scientific works. Together with P. P. Avrorov he for the first time in Russia began to be engaged in cultivation and studying of fabrics and cells out of an organism. Its major researches executed by method of culture of fabrics concern genesis of elements of blood of the person in the conditions of norm and at leukoses, reactions of cells to tubercular and leprose infections, a histogenesis, biol. properties and etiology of malignant tumors. Together with S. V. Benevolenska he observed transformation of not granular elements of blood in macrophages and cells of a fibroblastichesky row, cultivated in tissues of a lung and spleen of causative agents of tuberculosis and leprosy, described development in cultures of tubercular hillocks. He the first received is long existing (several years) cultures of tumors of the person. The differentiation of tumor cells observed in cultures allowed to establish the myogenetic nature of nek-ry sarcomas and the neurogenic nature of a melanoma of skin of the person. And. D. Timofeevsky and

S. V. Benevolenskaya the first among the Soviet oncologists caused a malignancy of cells in culture of fabrics. For the monograph about explantation of tumors of the person it is conferred the State award. Created school of oncologists experimenters.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin and medals.

Works: Pathology of blood, Tomsk, 1926, 1930; Explantation of tumors of the person, M., 1947; The Role of viruses in developing of tumors, M., 1961.

Bibliography: Fleas pi h H. H. A career of A. D. Timofeevsky, in book: Vopr. an etiology and a pathogeny of tumors, under the editorship of H. N. Blochina and E. E. Pogosyan-tsa, page 7, M., 1957; Culture of fabrics in oncology, under the editorship of H. N. Blochina, page 13, M., 1968; Professor Alexander Dmitriyevich Timofeevsky (To the 80 anniversary since birth), Vopr. onkol., t. 13, Kya 5, page 115, 1967.

Ya. V. Dobrynin.