TIMAR Miklos

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TIMAR Miklos (Timar Miklos, sort. in 1914) — the Hungarian hygienist, professor (1962), zasl. doctor of BHP (1957). Member of the Hungarian socialist Labour Party.

TIMAR Miklos

Ended medical f-t Budapest un-that in 1939, worked as the therapist. From 1950 to 1980 the director Hungarian State in-that occupational health and occupational diseases. At the same time in 1962 organized and headed department of occupational health in Hungarian in-those improvements of doctors.

M. Timar is an author more than 120 scientific works on occupational health and the prof. of pathology, including the guide to occupational diseases, the managements «Occupational health and occupational diseases». It conducted researches in the field of experimental industrial toxicology of benzene and its derivatives, solvents, metals (lead, mercury, cadmium). It possesses also works concerning a pathogeny of the pneumoconiosis caused by kvartssoderzhashchy aerosols and dust of aluminosilicates on early diagnosis and prevention of occupational diseases.

M. Timar is WHO expert, hl. editor of the Munkavedelem magazine (Labor protection), chairmen of the Hungarian society of occupational health, member of the administrative board of the Union of societies of the Hungarian doctors.

Works: Some questions of a pathogeny of a pnev-mokonpoz, Gigabyte. and dignity., No. 7, page 25, 1955; Experi men telle und klinische Untersuchun-gen liber die Wirkung von Kohlenstauben rnit verse hi ede nem Quarzgehalt auf den Or-ganismus, Beitr, Silikose-Forsch., Hft 76, S. 1, 1962; Preventiv biologiai es klinikai vizsgalatok a mimkahigieneban, Eg^szsegtu-domany, kot. 12, old. 345, 1968; In vitro-versuche in der Pneumokoniose-Forschung, IV International pneumoconiosis conference, p. 113, Bucharest, 1971 (sovm. with Adamis Z.),

A. V. Roshchin.