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TIMAKOV Vladimir Dmitriyevich (1905 — 1977) — the Soviet microbiologist, the epidemiologist, the organizer of health care, the academician of AN (1968) and AMN (1952), zasl. scientist of the Turkmen SSR (1945) and Uzbek SSR (1966), Hera of Socialist Work (1975), winner of the Lenin award (1974) and the State award USSR (1952). Member of the CPSU.

TIMAKOV Vladimir Dmitriyevich

In 1929 ended medical f-t Tomsk un-that, studied in a postgraduate study. Since 1932 the assistant to department of microbiology and at the same time the manager. department Tomsk sanitary and bacteriological in-that. Since 1934 the assistant, then the associate professor (1935) and the manager (1944) of department of microbiology Turkmen medical in-that. At the same time (1934 — 1941) manager. department Turkmen in-that microbiology and epidemiology.

In days of the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945) — the national commissioner of health care of the Turkmen SSR. In 1941 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Milk Typhus and Paratyphoid Vaccines». In 1945 — 1953 the director Ying-that epidemiology and microbiology of N. F. Gamalei of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, since 1949 until the end of life of the department chair of microbiology of the 2nd MMI and the manager. department Ying-that epidemiology and microbiology of N. F. Gamalei. In 1953 — 1957 the academician-secretary of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, in 1957 — 1963 the vice-president of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. It was three times elected the president of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1968, 1972, 1976).

V. D. Timakov is an author more than 300 scientific works, including 7 monographs and the textbook on microbiology. Under its edition 6 collections of works are published. Its main scientific works are devoted to problems of variability and genetics of microorganisms, a bacteriophagia, L-forms of bacteria, a mikoplazmatologiya, epidemiology and a lab. to diagnosis inf. diseases.

V. D. Timakov and his pupils determined consistent patterns of formation of L-forms of bacteria, their stabilization and reversion, their role in pathology of the person is proved. By it it is put forward and together with pupils the concept about L-forms as forms of a persistention is experimentally proved at a row chronic inf. diseases. He is a founder of a recent trend in medical microbiology — a mikoplazmatologiya, gained development in works of his pupils. Results of studying of L-forms of bacteria and mycoplasmas are generalized in 3 monographs, for these researches it together with G. Ya. Kagan is conferred the Lenin award. V. D. Timakov was one of organizers of genetic researches in medical microbiology and medicine. It created several laboratories on studying of genetics of bacteria, he was an initiator of the organization Ying-that medical genetics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Original researches of V. D. Timakov and his pupils are devoted to molecular mechanisms of mutations, molecular biology of odnotseiochechny DNA of minute phages, etc. V. D. Timakov created school of the Soviet microbiologists of N of geneticists, to a cut A. G. Skavronskaya, G. Ya. Kagan, D. G. Kudlay belong, etc.

V. D. Timakov published a number of works on the organization of anti-epidemic service; it proved the principles of elimination of a number of infections and decrease in the general level inf. incidences in our country. Together with pupils he developed methods of a phage diagnosis inf. diseases and a fagoindikation of bacteria in the environment, defined patterns of formation of immunity at use of vaccines against intestinal infections, offered .metoda of increase in efficiency of vaccines. For improvement of methods of production to lay down. - it together with group of employees is conferred by the prof. of drugs the State award USSR (1952).

V. D. Timakov was elected the delegate XXIV and XXV congresses of the CPSU, the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR of the ninth convocation, the deputy of the Moscow Council, the member of the Central Committee of labor unions of medics; the deputy editor-in-chief of BME, hl was chairman of the board Vsesoyuznogo about-va microbiologists, epidemiologists and infectiologists (since 1973 the Honorary Chairman), the member of presidium of Vsesoyuzny about-va geneticists and selectors of N. I. Vavilov. the editor of «The magazine of microbiology, epidemiology and an immunobiology», the deputy editor-in-chief of the international magazine «Hygiene, Microbiology and Immunology», the associate editor of the Excerpta medica magazine, the president of the IX International congress of microbiologists (1966), the member of council scientific about-in, the chairman of section of medicine of Committee on Lenin and state awards (1958 — 1966). He was a member of a number of foreign academies and scientific about-in, the honourable doctor of medicine Krakow un-that.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (three), October Revolutions, the Labour Red Banner (two) and medals of the USSR, a gold medal of the Slovak academy of Sciences.

Works: Mo, yu'psho typhus and paratyphoid vaccines, day of page, Ashgabat, 1940; Bases experiment and. 1yyuy medical microbiology, M., And» 5 8 (sovm. with Goldfar-b D. M.); Biology of L-forms of bacteria, M., 1961 (sovm. with Kagan G. Ya.); Reaction of increase of a caption of a phage, M., 1962 (sovm, with Goldfarb D. M.); Family Muso-plasmataceae and L-form of bacteria, M., 1967 (sovm. with Kagan G. Ya.); Biology and geneticist of shigellas Fleksner, M., 1972 (sovm. from Petrovsky V. G.); L-forms of bacteria and the Mycoplasmataceae family in pathology, M., 1973 (sovm. with Kagan G. Ya.); Microbiology, M., 1973; Slow infections, M., 1977 (sovm. with Zuev V. A.); Biological and genetic characteristics of bacteria of the sort Shigella, M., 1980 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Berdyklychev M. G. Outstanding figure of domestic medicine and health care academician V. D. Timakov, Ashgabat, 1981; B about the h-:k about p. I I.11. and P r about z about r about in with to and y S. V., V. D. Timakov (1905 — 1977), M., 1982.

V. S. Levashev, R. Yu. Tashpulatov.