TIHOV Platon Ivanovich

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TIHOV Platon Ivanovich (1865 — 1917) — the domestic surgeon.

TIHOV Platon Ivanovich

Ended medical f-t Kazan un-that in 1893 then worked as the intern for V. I. Razumovsky. In 1897 protected dokt. the thesis on «About a Resection of an Ankle Joint with Removal of an Astragalus at Tuberculosis». In 1899 was entitled the privatdozent. Since 1903 the department chair of hospital surgery Tomsk un-that.

P. I. Tikhov is an author more than 100 scientific works, including the monograph «Tuberculosis of Joints and Bones» (1909) conferred an award of I. F. Bush and the three-volume work «Specialty surgery» (1916 — 1917). Under its management a number of operations — change of ureters in intestines on an extent (Tikhov's method), bilateral bandaging of hypogastric arteries at operation for an advanced carcinoma of a uterus is developed. It possesses researches about belly hernias (1914), diseases of an ankle joint, dislocations of a shoulder and forearm, damages and diseases of a knee joint. P. I. Tikhov developed surgery of removal of proximal department of a humeral bone together with a clavicle and a shovel, edges the decision XIX of the Russian congress of surgeons (1927) was called Tikhov's operation — Linberg (see. Tikhova — Linberg operation ). P. I. Tikhov created school of surgeons, a cut N. A. Bogoraz, P. N. Obrosov, etc. were representatives.

Works: About a resection of an ankle joint with removal of an astragalus at tuberculosis, Kazan, 1897; Diseases of an ankle joint, SPb., 1909; Tuberculosis of joints and bones, Tomsk, 1909; Belly hernias, Tomsk, 1914; Damages and diseases of a knee joint, Pg., 1915; Specialty surgery, t. 1 — 3, Pg., 1916 — 1917.

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