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THYMECTOMY (Greek thymos a plant «thyme», here — a thymus + ektome excision, removal) — operation of removal of a thymus.

T. make at benign and malignant tumors, a hyperplasia, a cyst of a thymus, and also a myasthenia. In some cases the thymus is deleted at aplastic anemia, multiple sclerosis, a lymphogranulomatosis, malignant hypertensia at persons of young age, diseases of the autoagressivny nature, at organ and tissue transplantation. T., as a rule, make in a planned order. In exceptional cases at bystry increase of symptoms of a prelum mediastinums (see) the emergency

T. T. is necessary is contraindicated at primary and secondary immunological insufficiency (see), chronic diseases of lungs at children, a diabetes mellitus, dekompensirovanny diseases of cardiovascular system, lungs, a liver, kidneys.

Preoperative preparation, features of anesthesia and technology of operation — see. Myasthenia .

See also Thymus, operations .

Yu. I. Morozov.