THUNDERS Alexander Petrovich

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THUNDERS Alexander Petrovich (sort. in 1924) — the Soviet judicial physician, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1982). The member of the CPSU since 1951.

THUNDERS Alexander Petrovich

Ended the 1st MMI in 1949. Worked at department of forensic medicine of it in-that; since 1964 till present the department chair of forensic medicine; the dean medical f-that (1961 — 1964) and the vice rector for scientific work of Un-ta of Friendship of the People of P. Lumum - (1964 — 1966); since 1979 the director of scientific research institute of forensic medicine and the main court. - the medical expert of M3 of the USSR. Doctor of medical sciences (1963), professor (1964).

A. P. Gromov is the author of St. 180 works, including. «Course of lectures on forensic medicine» (1970) and 7 monographs. He is one of pioneers of the recent scientific trend — biomechanics of an injury, the influence of separate parameters of mechanical impact on morphology of damages which allowed to determine consistent patterns and on this basis to define the tool and the mechanism of an injury. On the basis of the obtained data special state standard specifications on individual protection equipment of the person from an injury — helmets and safety belts are developed. A. P. Gromov investigated the mechanism of formation of the closed craniocereberal injury connected with deformation of bones of a skull. These researches are generalized by it in the monograph «Biomechanics of an Injury» (1979), and also in collective leadership «Medicolegal traumatology» (1977).

A. P. Gromov is the member of presidium of boards All-Union and All-Russian scientific about-in judicial physicians, the associate editor of the Forensic medical examination magazine, the chairman of Scientific council on forensic medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the editor of department «Forensic medicine» of the BME editions, the honorary member Bulgarian, Polish, Czechoslovak, French and Italian about-in judicial physicians, the vice-president of the International academy of forensic and social medicine.

It is awarded by medals, the certificate of honor of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR.

Works: Medical deontology and responsibility of health workers, M., 1969; The Course of lectures on forensic medicine, M., 1970; Methodological problems of forensic medicine, M., 1971; Rights, duties and responsibility of health workers, M., 1976; Medicolegal traumatology, M., 1977 (sovm, with other); Biomechanics of an injury (Injury of the head, backbone and thorax), M., 1979.

Bibliography: Alexander Petrovich Gromov (To the 50 anniversary since birth), Court. - medical examination, t. 17, No. 3, page 60, 1974.

A. V. Kapustin.