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throm-bos piece, clot + vasculitis; a synonym a thromboangitis) — morphological option of a vasculitis, at Krom inflammatory changes of a vascular wall are combined with thrombosis of its gleam.

T. meets at various diseases and it is observed in different links of a microcirculator bed. Allergic T. (in a sensibilized organism) develops on immunopatol. to a basis. The central link of its morphogenesis is fibrinoid swelling and a fibrinoid necrosis of vascular walls (see. Fibrinoid transformation). T. is a frequent complication of septic processes. At the same time blood clots quite often contain microbic bodies and are exposed to purulent fusion together with vascular walls. At a typhus, a brucellosis, toxoplasmosis and some other inf. diseases of T. can have preferential destructive or productive character depending on prevailing like changes of a vascular wall.

See also Vasculitis.

V. N. Galankin.