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TROMBANGIYT OBLITERYRUYu-ShchIY (Greek thrombos a piece, a clot + angeion a vessel + - itis; lat. oblitterans effacing, erasing; synonym: an obliterating endarteritis, a Thrombangiitis obliterans, Vinivar-ter's disease — the Burgher, Fridlen-der's disease, a hyperplastic endarteritis, an intermittent obliterating thromboangitis, a neurotic endarteritis, obliterating an art-rioz, tromboobliteriruyushchy or obliterating diseases of arteries) — an inflammatory disease of arteries of extremities, most often arteries of foot, a shin and popliteal arteries. In domestic literature the greatest distribution was gained by the term «obliterating endarteritis» (see an obliterating endarteritis).

Fridlen-derom is for the first time described in 1876 (S. of Friedlander).

The etiology is not found out. Emergence and development of a disease are promoted by smoking, systematic cooling of extremities and freezing injury. In development of a disease the role of an allergy is undoubted (see).

Thus occurs preferential at men at the age of 18 — 30 years. Women make 2% of total number of patients. According to G. N. Zakharova (1972), at 97,1% of patients vessels of the lower extremities are surprised, at 0,5% defeat of vessels of upper extremities and at 2,4% — defeat of vessels of top and bottom extremities is observed.

Allocate three forms of a current Thus: acute malignant, subacute wavy and chronic. The acute malignant current usually occurs at malicious smokers at the age of 18 — 25 years of ii, as a rule, leads to gangrene and demands amputation of an extremity. The subacute wavy current is characterized by aggravations and remissions of various duration. At hron. a current the periods of compensation long (for many years) without the expressed aggravations are noted. Depending on a condition of blood circulation in the affected extremities allocate 4 stages of process.

Morfol. changes, a wedge, a picture, diagnosis and treatment — see. Obliterating defeats of vessels of extremities.

Treatment of patients Thus shall be complex. The first and indispensable condition of successful treatment is complete cessation of smoking.

The forecast depends on a stage, a form of a disease, timely diagnosis and systematic complex treatment. And. century. Pokrovsky.