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THOMPSON Henry (Thompson Henry, 1820 — 1904) is the English surgeon-urologist.

Upon termination of college London un-that the assistant, since 1864 the chief surgeon, and since 1866 professor of clinical surgery worked in hospital at this college, since 1857.

In 1860 organized the England's first and world's second urological hospital in the London hospital of Saint Peter.

G. Thompson published St. 60 scientific works, including 7 large monographs. World fame was gained by its works devoted to surgery of uric and generative organs. From them were repeatedly republished by Nek-rye. It «Clinical lectures about diseases of uric bodies» sustained 8 editions and were translated into many languages. 18 works of G. Thompson, in number to-rykh a lecture on urology and 4 monographs about diseases of uric bodies and their treatment are published in Russian. In 1852 for the treatise «Strictures of an Urethra», and in 1860 for work of «A disease of a prostate» it is conferred Jackson's awards.

G. Thompson made a large contribution to development of methods of treatment of strictures of an urethra, uric fistulas, diseases of a prostate, tumors of a bladder. Its contribution to improvement and expansion of borders of use of a method of lithotripsy was especially essential: he offered and modif

were tsirovat by tools, showed relative safety of operation and its advantage before the ways of a perineal lithotomy which were often applied at that time. It implemented in a wedge, practice a number of diagnostic and medical methods, in particular a manual research of a bladder after a perineal urethrotomy with an extirpation of a tumor of a bubble (1880), suprapubic vesicotomy for removal of new growths of a bladder (1886). Improved an internal urethrotomy, having developed original model of an ureterotome. Offered constant drainage of a bladder at adenoma of a prostate, and at the complicated catheterization of a bubble — suprapubic tsistostomsho. Works: The pathology and treatment of stricture of the urethra, both in the male and female, L., 1854; Practical lithotomy and lithotrity, or, an inquiry into the best modes of removing stone from the bladder, L., 1863; The diseases of the prostate, L., 1873; Diseases of uric bodies, Clinical lectures, the lane with English, SPb., 1875; Lectures about tumors of a bubble and about some important points of surgery of uric ways, the lane with English, M., 1886; On the suprapubic operation of opening the bladder for the stone and for tumors, L., 1886.

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