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THIONINE (Thioninum; synonym lautts violet) — the main dye relating to group of tiazinovy.

T. — we will dissolve the powder consisting of small acicular crystals of dark green color in water and alcohol. It is applied to a research of nervous tissue on Nissl's method (see. Nisslya method ), identifications of structures of a bone tissue across Shmorl, colourings of kernels and other basphilic structures of cells, and also bacteria. During the coloring of glikozaminogli-kan (see. Mucopolysaccharides ) water solution of a tionpn 1: 1000 gives a metachromasia (see) red or violet color that is used for identification of slime, the main substance of a cartilage, granules of mast cells, etc.

Metachromatic coloring with T. give also the remains phosphoric to - you; on this property T. identification of pulpy covers of nerve fibrils by means of mix T is based. and tartaric to - you on Feyrtera. All lipids, except neutral fats, are painted at the same time in bright red color and are well visible on a blue background. At long-term storage of the drugs painted by T., it is necessary to use a neutral xylol and balm; consolidation of coloring is promoted also by processing of the painted T. drugs of 5% solution of ammonium molybdate within 5 — 10 min.

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