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THIOGLYCOLIC ENVIRONMENT — a universal medium, a cut is a part thioglycolic acid or thioglycolate of sodium.

T. the page provides optimal conditions for growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in this connection it is applied preferential to control of sterility of pharmaceuticals, a surgical suture material (a catgut, silk) and medical biological drugs (vaccines, serums, immunoglobulins, antibiotics, allergens).

T. Bruerom was offered page in 1940 (J. N of Brewer) it is also improved in 1946 Pittmenom (M. of Pittman), to-ry recommended the circle of the following structure: a pancreatic hydrolyzate of casein of 15 g, extract of yeast of 5 g, glucose of 5 g, sodium chloride of 2,5 g, L-cysteine of 0,75 g, thioglycolic to - you are 0,3 ml or thioglycolate of sodium of 0,5 g, an agar of 0,75 g, water of 1 l. As the indicator of redox potential apply methylene blue or rezazurin (0,001 g on 1 l).

Feature of T. the page is existence in its structure thioglycolic to - you or thioglycolate of sodium, to-rye provide the low redox potential, necessary for growth of anaerobe bacterias, and have ability to neutralize effect of the preservatives added to drugs, napr, a mertiolyata, to-ry in T. the page is exposed to destruction with release of mercurous sulfide and loses at the same time the bactericidal properties.

In the USSR the production release of dry T is adjusted. page on the basis of an enzymatic hydrolyzate of casein of superficial extent of splitting and a yeastrel.

See also Mediums .

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