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THIAZOL — five-membered heterocyclic compound, C 3 H 3 NS.

The Tiazolovy heterocycle is a basis of important biologically active agents, napr, oryzamin, cocarboxylase (see. Thiamine ). The Tetragidrotiazolovy (tizolidinovy) ring is included into structure penicillin (see). 2 aminothiazols are derivatives Norsulfazolum and nek-ry other streptocides (see. Sulfanamide drugs ). Derivatives of benzthiazol use as dyes in the color photo and in production of rubber.

T. Represents a colorless liquid with the smell reminding a smell of pyridine, t°kip 116,8 °, density 1,198, we will dissolve in water, and also alcohol and other organic solvents. T. is mild base, it forms salts with strong to-tami and quaternary tiazoliyevy salts after action of alkylating agents. T. has properties of aromatic compounds, it is chemically similar with pyridine (see), it is steady against action of oxidizers and reducers. By the main method of synthesis of connections of row T.sluzhit condensation alpha galogenaldegidov and alpha galogenketonov with thiamides.

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A. I. Tochilkin.