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THE STIMULATING THERAPY (Latin stimulare to drive, excite; Greek therapeia treatment) — the concept combining various ways of activation of processes of a sanogenez applied in complex therapy of diseases. In a broad sense this concept includes any stimulating impacts on the adaptation, compensatory, recovery reactions and on an organism of the patient in general providing recovery (see. Sanogenez ). Refer use of all-tonics to them (drugs of a ginseng, magnolia vine, a levzea, etc.), vitamins (see. Vitamin therapy ) and hormonal drugs (see. Hormonal therapy ), influencing on biokhikhm. processes, analeptical means (see), stimulating separate fiziol. functions (e.g., breath and blood circulation), and also balneoterapiya (see), heliation (see), gymnastics (see), physiotherapy exercises (see), reflexotherapy (see), physical therapy (see).

In narrow sense the concept «stimulating therapy» means only the ways of activation of inflammatory reactions, immunity and a reparation applied at long and hron. a current inflammatory, allergic, including autoimmune, diseases, at inertly healing wounds and ulcers. They include use of various biogenic stimulators (see), in particular proteins (see. Proteinotherapy ), bacterial polysaccharides — pyrogenal (see), Prodigiosanum (see), specially processed drugs from fabrics and various bodies of animals (see. Organotherapy , Fabric therapy ), different types pyrotherapies (see), immunostimulators — levamisole, etc.

Indications and contraindications to S. of t. are defined by a specific form of pathology and features of the chosen method.

V.P. zhmurkin.