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FOTOSENSIBIL IZYRUYUSHCHIYO of MEANS — the pharmaceuticals increasing sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet radiation.

Properties F. villages have the drugs containing furocoumarins — ammifurin (see), beroksan (see), Psoralenum (see), and also a padded stool flax, 8 methoxypsoralen, 4, 5, 8-trimetil-Psoralenum. Furocoumarins strengthen reaction of skin to UF-radiation with the subsequent its p a per pigmentation. This effect is called skin photosensitive reaction. Furocoumarins reduce pigmental damages of skin, napr, at a leukoderma (see). They are used also for treatment of proliferative diseases of skin — psoriasis (see), eczemas (see). The specified properties faugh-rokumarinov are caused by their ability to interact with nucleinic to-tami and to cause thereof not only sensitization of skin to UV rays due to stimulation of process of formation of melanin (see), but also normalization of processes of proliferation of cellular elements of skin. Furocoumarins at UF-radiation interact with the timinovy bases of DNA. At the same time there is a formation of «bridges» between separate chains of DNA therefore process of DNA replication is weakened and the frequency of mitoses in cells of epidermis decreases. Synthesis of RNA and protein does not change.


411 F. villages use for photo chemotherapy (PUVA therapy) at psoriasis, neurodermatitises (see), vitiligo (see), fungoid mycosis (see Mycosis fungoid), alopecias (see). The photochemotherapy includes use F. page and long-wave (320 — 400 nanometers) UF-radiations (see. Ultraviolet radiation). At psoriasis as F. pages appoint usually 8 methoxypsoralen (on 0,6 mg/kg inside). In the maximum quantities this drug collects in skin in 2 — 3 hours after reception in this connection it is reasonable to date UF-radiation for this period.

As side effects F. pages most often cause dyaspep-tichesky frustration, a headache, tachycardia, pains in heart. Expressiveness of side effects can be weakened by a dose decline of drugs or a temporary break in treatment. Long use of photochemotherapy can be followed by damages of a crystalline lens.

T. pages are contraindicated at a hypertension, a thyrotoxicosis, tuberculosis, diseases of blood, a liver, kidneys and c. and. page.

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