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THESANUM (Thesanum) — the means stimulating processes of regeneration; mix benzene propionic (70%) and n-oxybenzene propionic (30%) acids.

White crystal powder. Let's difficult dissolve in a cold water, it is well alcohol-soluble.

Benzene propionic (beta fenilpropio - new) to - that is crystal powder of white color, well alcohol-soluble and ether, low solubility in water; t°pl 48 — 49,5 °; t°kip 280 °. N-oxybenzene propionic (n-oksifenilpropionovaya) to - that is powder of slightly pinkish color, t°pl 126,5 ° — 129 °.

In the medical practician T. use outwardly in the form of linimentum (Linimentum Thesani, a synonym an emulsion of Thesanum; joint venture. B) following structure: Thesanum of 0,2%, the emulsifier made by sulphonation of alcohols of kashalotovy fat, 10%, oil of castor 10%, water of 79,8%.

Linimentum of Thesanum — the white opaque mass of a smetanoobrazny consistence with opalestsiruyushchnm a shade, possessing a peculiar smell. Apply to prevention and treatment of damages of skin at radiation therapy, and also to treatment of decubituses, corrosive and thermal burns, trophic ulcers.

For the purpose of prevention of damages of skin at radiation therapy after each session of radiation skin is greased with a thin coat of linimentum of T. also cover with a gauze napkin. At treatment of already arisen defeats along with it 2 — 3 times a day make additional greasing by linimentum of T. through a gauze. After the termination of a course of radiation therapy processing of skin by linimentum is continued within 7 — 10 days for the prevention of late reaction to radiation.

At treatment of decubituses, trophic ulcers, corrosive and thermal burns on affected areas impose the T impregnated with linimentum. a gauze napkin, to-ruyu change in a day or less often at the discretion of the doctor.

Form of release: in glass jars on 30 g. Store in the dry, cool, protected from light place.

E. Yu. Lemina.