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THERAPEUTIC FIELD MOBILE HOSPITAL (therapeutic field hospital, TPPG) — the medical and evacuation establishment of wartime intended for rendering specialized medical aid sick and struck a therapeutic profile and their treatment.

Experience of the previous wars and the first year of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945 showed that due to the lack accurately developed system of stage treatment with evacuation to destination of therapeutic patients of the organization of their treatment less attention, than the wounded was paid, they were as if on the second plan. In this regard rendering the timely specialized help to them was at a loss. Existence of therapeutic departments in field mobile hospitals did not compensate this defect (see. System of medical and evacuation providing ).

In December, 1942 TPPG on 100 beds which incorporated, except medical departments, clinical laboratory, x-ray and physiotherapeutic offices was entered into structure of medical service of field army. Introduction of TPPG allowed to complete and implement progressive system of stage treatment of therapeutic patients in practice of medical support of fighting of troops (see. Therapy field ).

TPPG were usually developed in structure hospital base (see) armies also carried out the following tasks: medical sorting of the arriving patients; establishment at them the final diagnosis; determination of terms and place of their treatment; treatment before recovery of patients and from 10 to 30 days struck with terms of recovery depending on a situation, at smaller terms of treatment it was completed in MSB (see. Medical and sanitary battalion ); studying of origins of diseases among staff for the purpose of carrying out in troops of the relevant preventive activities; rendering the advisory therapeutic help of hospital base to other medical institutions and therapists of medical and sanitary battalions. The successful solution of these tasks promoted achievement of the general good results in treatment of patients in the period of the Great Patriotic War and to return of 90,6% of their total number.

the Schematic diagram (option) of expansion of TPPG in the period of the Great Patriotic War: The joint venture — a sorting post; I \sanitary inspection room; II \clinical laboratory; III \x-ray department; IV \physiotherapeutic department; GLR — hospital for lightly wounded; GBF — hospital base of the front.

TPPG incorporated management and the following main divisions: reception and sorting, medical and evacuation departments. Besides, radiological and physiotherapeutic departments, clinical laboratory and nek-ry others were its part. The schematic diagram of expansion of hospital is submitted on rice. Therapeutic departments of hospital were whenever possible profiled for reception of the homogeneous contingents. The list of specialists doctors, medical and material equipment of TPPG provided a possibility of holding up to standard necessary lechebnodiagnostichesky actions in relation to the arriving contingents.

In the conditions of modern war in case of use by the opponent of nuclear weapon (see), chemical weapon (see), a biological weapons (see) there is a possibility of receipt in therapeutic hospital struck a therapeutic profile: with a radial illness, poisonings of OV struck with toxins sick a psychoneurological profile that results in need of expansion of the TPPG function, including treatment of the specified struck. In these conditions the described hospital received the new name — the Field Therapeutic Hospital (FTH). The most frequent option medico-so - ticheskogo uses of VPTG will be its work as a part of hospital base. At the same time the possibility of its promotion to the centers of mass sanitary losses is not excluded (see the Center of mass defeats).

See also Hospital base , Field mobile hospital , System of medical and evacuation providing .

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