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THAWED (The Magadan region, the former name Hot Keys) — balneogryazevy the low-mountain resort of a taiga zone in RSFSR, is located in the valley of river. Tala on sowing. - zap. a slope of the Kolyma ridge at the height of 715 m above sea-level in 286 km from Magadan and in 30 km from the main highway Kolymskaya Route.

With S.-Z. the resort is protected by low mountains, slopes to-rykh are covered with the wood. Around there are a lot of lakes abounding with fish. The climate is sharply continental, with moderately cool summer (average monthly temperature of July 13 °) and in the steady severe winter (average monthly temperature of January — 35,7 °), lasting from October to April. The winter differs in a large number of clear windless days. Frosts are transferred easily since air humidity is insignificant and the speed of movement of air flows is very small. Snow cover reaches considerable thickness, the river does not freeze in the most hard frosts since eats waters of hot springs. Number of hours of sunshine in a year 1780. The spring and fall are very short-term (apprx. one month) and are characterized by bystry change of temperatures. The summer (June — August) differs in considerable insolation, a small amount of rainy and foggy days, almost windless weather.

The major medical factor of the resort are thermal (temperature 98 °) low-mineralized (a mineralization of 0,5 g/l) siliceous (0,148 g! k) hloridno-hydrocarbonate sodium waters (pH 9,0) used for bathtubs and drinking treatment. Drinking water under the name «Talskaya» is spilled in bottles. Also silt mineralized therapeutic mud of the lake is used. Pike, applied to applications and tampons, and also physiotherapeutic procedures, inhalations, the dosed bathings in the medical swimming pool.

Resort Thawed.

In the resort (fig.) the sanatorium with two well-planned sleeping cases functions. Sleeping cases are connected by warm galleries to the dining room and water mud baths.

Indications to treatment in the resort: diseases of bodies of the movement — joints and a backbone of not tubercular origin, bones, muscles and sinews, a disease and an effect of injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system, a disease of skin, a disease of female generative organs, associated diseases of digestive organs.

Contraindications — see. Balneoterapiya , Mud cure .

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V. G. Yasnogorodsky.