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THALASSOTHERAPY (Greek thalassa the sea + therapeia treatment) — the method of a climatotherapy consisting in use in the medical purposes of influence on an organism of features of climate and the dosed climatic, balneological and other natural factors, including sea bathings in seaside resorts. Often the term «thalassotherapy» call only sea bathings, to-rye consider as the specific klimatobalneologichesky procedure. As a result of T. mechanisms of thermal control, breath, the muscular device train, ability of cardiovascular system to adapt to exercise stresses increases, oxygen consumption by fabrics increases, the metabolism improves, there is a hardening of an organism.

Fiziol. action of sea bathings is expressed stronger, than sea bathtubs, and is caused by the whole complex of factors (see the Climatotherapy). Lower (in relation to body temperature) water temperature makes cold impact on an organism. Sea waves work as a mechanical factor (a peculiar hydromassage). The salts dissolved in sea water, settling on skin, her receptors irritate and support the general reaction of an organism which arose during the bathing during nek-ry time, being a chemical factor of T., well influencing health. Also bacterial flora of sea water and the phytoncides emitted by algas have positive effect. During bathing of people actively moves, inhales the ionized maritime air, is affected by sunlight (ultraviolet rays get into water on depth to 1 m). All this has great hygienic and treatment-and-prophylactic value.

Bathings are dosed depending on the state of health, age, degree of fitness, temperature of sea water and other factors. On the basis of it define the individual level of possible Cold loading, and also time of stay in water which can fluctuate of several seconds (okunaniye) up to 30 minutes.

Indications. As the tempering procedure all almost healthy faces can appoint sea bathings. T. it is shown at hron. diseases of a respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, at functional disturbances of a nervous system, disbolism, etc.

Contraindications. Sea bathings are contraindicated at all diseases in an acute stage and at sharp aggravations hron. processes, diseases of kidneys, especially at the phenomena of a renal failure, at a circulatory unefficiency of the II—III degree, to women during periods.

See also Air-cure , Heliation , Climatotherapy .

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V. G. Boksha.