TEZYAKOV Nikolay Ivanovich

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TEZYAKOV Nikolay Ivanovich (1859 — 1925) — the territorial health officer and the public figure, one of organizers of the Soviet health care.

TEZYAKOV Nikolay Ivanovich

In 1884 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. The dignity worked as the district district doctor in the Perm province (1884 — 1889), district. the doctor in the Kherson province (1889 — 1896), managed sanitary department of the Voronezh provincial territorial justice (1896 — 1903), department of national health of the Saratov provincial territorial justice (1903 — 1915). During Russian-Japanese (1904 — 1905) and World War I (1914 — 1918) was a medical officer.

After Great October socialist revolution N. I. Tezyakov worked in the Saratov provincial medical and sanitary department (1918 — 1920), and then by the invitation 3. P. Solovyova the People's commissar-is sensible of RSFSR managed department of medical areas, the dignity participated in the organization. - hens. affairs in the country.

N. I. Tezyakov possesses more than 250 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to studying of incidence and mortality of country people, questions of child mortality, distribution of epidemics and social diseases, dignity. conditions of schools, working conditions and life of agricultural workers. He was the large organizer and the theorist of territorial medicine.

N. I. Tezyakov is the initiator of a row progressive practical medical - a dignity. actions: introductions of card registration of patients, the organizations of a children's day nursery shelters, uses of antidiphtherial serum in rural conditions, teaching hygiene to teachers of territorial schools, introductions at schools of a hot breakfast, etc. Its researches on studying of health, working conditions and life of agricultural workers conducted for the first time in Kherson and then and in other territorial provinces, development of actions for the organization their medical - a dignity were of especially great importance. service. These researches characterizing position of agricultural workers during development of capitalism in the Russian village had pronounced social and hygienic character and were accusatory documents against imperial autocracy. They were widely used by V. I. Lenin in the work «Development of Capitalism in Russia». V. I. Lenin gave them a positive assessment, having noted, however, the nek-ry mistakes which were a consequence of influence of populism.

N. I. Tezyakov was an active figure of a row medical about-in, the participant of many congresses and hygienic exhibitions (The international hygienic exhibition in Dresden in 1911, the All-Russian hygienic exhibition in St. Petersburg in 1913).

Works: Agricultural workers and the organization behind them sanitary inspection in the Kherson province, Kherson, 1896; Conversations on hygiene in its use to national school, Voronezh, 1899; About distribution of diphtheritic epidemics in Russia in 25 years from 1886 to 1910, M., 1914; Sapropyra as national disaster and fight against it, Saratov, 1920; From memoirs of territorial doctors, in book: Sketches ist. Russian societies, honey. (By century territorial medical), under the editorship of P. I. Kalyyu, page 239, M., 1965.

Bibliography: And d e l h and to X. And., N. I. Tezyakov and his role in development of territorial medicine and construction of the Soviet health care, M., 1960; H and - to and S. Ya. K N to the 50 anniversary from the date of death N. I. Tezyakova, Zdravookhr. Grew. Federations, No. 4, page 44, 1975.

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