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TEZAURISMOZA (thesaurismosis, singular; Greek thesaurismos accumulation + osis; synonym: diseases of accumulation, accumulative reticuloses) — the general name of group of the diseases which are characterized by disturbances of metabolism with pathological accumulation in blood and cells of different fabrics of products of synthesis and a metabolism. These substances by the chemical nature can be lipids (see. Lipidoses , Sphingolipidoses , Histiocytoses , Leukodystrophy , to Gosha disease , Nimanna — Peak a disease ), carbohydrates [see Mukopolisakharidoza, Glycogenoses, Glikozidoza, Gargoilizm ], proteins (see. Amyloidosis ), products mineral (see Hemochromatosis, Gepato-tserebraljnaya dystrophy), porphyrinic (see Porphyrias), purine (see Gout), etc. types of exchange. Considerable part T. it is connected with hereditary enzymopathies (see). Borders of use of the term T. are defined indistinctly. Nek-ry authors use it in too wide value, describing, e.g., hypostases of various origin as water T. Strict scientific classification of T. does not exist.

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V. K. Velikov.