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TETRAZOLIYA OF SALT — water colourless soluble salts a tetrazoliya — five-membered heterocyclic compound, the ring to-rogo is formed by four nitrogen atoms and one carbon atom.

T. pages are widely used in biology and medicine for gistokhy. identifications of enzymes, napr, at morfol. research of tumors and others patol. processes (see. Histochemical methods of a research ). T. villages use in gistokhy. reactions of definition of a number of enzymes, first of all than dehydrogenases (see) and nek-ry oxidases (see), is more rare for identification of phosphatases (see), glikozidaz (see. Glucosidases ), karboksilesteraza (KF, peptidases (see. Peptide-hydrolase ), a hexokinase (see), phosphoglucoisomerases (see. Isomerases ), fructose diphosphate-zymohexase (KF

Under the influence of deoxidizing substances T. pages turn into not water soluble colored compound formazan, to-ry drops out in a deposit and thus marks the studied enzyme.

T. pages depending on the properties have various value in histochemistry (see). At the choice of necessary salts it is necessary to consider their ability to be recovered, inhibit enzyme, the size of the formed formazanovy granules, their substantivity (affinity to protein), resistance to effect of light, etc. From I.e. most widely apply yodnitrotetrazoliya, napr, to manifestation zimogramm at a research of isoenzymes (see) after their electrophoretic division, and tetrazoly red for quantitative gistokhy. definitions of dehydrogenases. Nitrotetrazoly blue, tetranitrotetrazoly blue and azoditetrazoly are most suitable for gistokhy. reactions, results to-rykh trace by means of light microscopy. They have good substantivity, and the formazana which are formed at reaction are amorphous and almost insoluble in lipids. Thanks to the fact that the electron density of nek-ry formazan is rather high and can be strengthened as a result of contrasting dehydrogenases and nek-ry other enzymes can be revealed by means of T. page and at a submicroscopy (see).

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H. T. Raykhlin.