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TETRAETHYLLEAD — chemical compound, Pb (C 2 H 5 ) 4  ; contains in leaded gasoline as an anti-detonator, is a part of an ethyl fluid; possesses strong toxic action. 1 l of motor gasoline contains 1 — 1,5 ml, in aviation — 4 ml of an ethyl fluid.

Couples of T. heavier than air by 11,2 times. In water T. practically we will not dissolve, it is well dissolved in organic solvents, fats, lipids. Collapses haloids and strong nitric and sulfuric to-tami.

It is easily occluded construction by both materials and the soil. It is difficult decontaminated.

T. — the strong neurotropic and vascular poison possessing cumulative action. Easily gets through skin. Maximum allowable concentration of 0,005 mg/m 3 . At non-compliance with safety measures and receipt of T. after the eclipse period of action (from several hours to several days) develops in an organism acute or hron. poisoning with defeat practically all systems of an organism.

Clinic and prevention of poisonings of T., and also first aid at poisonings see. Lead .