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TERRAINKUR (fr. terrain the area + is mute. Kuhr treatment) — a method of strengthening of health and treatment by means of the dosed walking at moderate speed along special routes on the hilly area; found broad application in a dignity. - hens. conditions and specialized departments of rehabilitation.

T. strengthens and develops cardiovascular, respiratory systems, stimulates a metabolism, raises a neuromuscular tone, trains muscles of the lower extremities. It is shown to all patients, the Crimea it is necessary to increase adaptability of an organism to exercise stresses, and also the healthy faces having weak physical training.

T. it is contraindicated in an acute stage of a disease or at its aggravation.

The size of an exercise stress depends on the extent of a route, a land relief and quantity of stops. At to lay down. institution or sanatorium are equipped on the area having biases from 3 to 15 °, several routes taking into account the increasing loading: a route No. 1 — easy (to 500 m), No. 2 — average (to 1500 m) and No. 3 — difficult (to 3000 m). Routes shall begin from to lay down. institutions. Throughout routes through each 100 — 200 m establish indexes and benches, convenient for rest.

The T is carried out. under control of the doctor and methodologist to lay down. physical cultures; before and after the procedure measure pulse, by the ABP, find out health, portability of loading, according to indications conduct additional examination.

Bibliography: Moshkov V. N. Medical physical culture in resorts and in sanatoria, M., 1968.

V. P. Illarionov.