TERNOVSKY Vasily Nikolaevich

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TERNOVSKY Vasily Nikolaevich (1888 — 1976) — the Soviet anatomist and the historian of medicine, the academician AMII (1944), the member of the International academy of history of medicine (1962).

TERNOVSKY Vasily Nikolaevich

Ended physical and mathematical f-t Moscow un-that in 1912 and medical f-t in 1915. In student's years was exposed to repressions for participation in revolutionary movement. During World War I (1914 — 1918) was a doctor in the advance surgical party of the Red Cross.

In 1920 served in Red Army. In 1920 — 1924 iod worked as the management of P, I at department of an aiatomiya of Mosnov-sky un-that. Karuzina. In 1922 protected dokt. thesis. Since 1924 the department chair of anatomy Kazan un-that (afterwards Kazan honey, in-that); since 1944 but 1959 of the department chair of anthropotomy of the 2nd MMI and department of anatomy Ying-that normal and pathological morphology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (nowadays Ying t of morphology of the person of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences).

V. N. Ternovsky published the St. 100 scientific works devoted to questions of anatomy, history of anatomy, history of medicine. He investigated morphology of century of N of page, blood supply of a brain, conduction paths of c. N of page using a method of elective allocation of complexes of nervous bunches. In works of pupils of V. N. Ternovsky correlative dependence of an arterial bed of departments of a brain on genetic and functional features of an organism is shown.

V. N. Ternovsky translated into Russian (together with S. P. Shestakov) and prepared for the edition classical work of A. Vezaliya «About a structure of a human body»; was an editor of transfers of «A canon of medicine» Ibn Сипы (1954—1960) and «The treatise about medicine» of A. Tsels (1961). Under its edition and with his comments are issued Leonardo da Vinci (1965) «Anatomy», «About purpose of parts of a human body» K. Galen (1971), A. Vezaliya (1974) Epitom, «The Salerno code of health» of Arnaljdo de Vilanova (1963), «About properties of herbs» by Odo from Maine (1970). V. N. Ternovsky was elected the corresponding member Ob-va historians of medicine at Un-te in Montpellier (France).

V. Ternovsky collected a big collection of classical works of the world literature,-rye by later his death came partially to the museum. A.S. Pushkina, partially in the Museum of history of medicine of Stradyni in Riga. The street in Tashkent is called by the name of V. N. Ternovsky.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner.

Works: The autonomic nervous system and its pathology, M. — L., 1925 (sovm. with Mogil-nitsky B. N.); Questions of morphology, M., 1949 (edition and bus of a number of hl. sovm. with Murat V. N.); Vezaly A. About a structure of a human body, the lane from Latinas., t. 1 — 2, M., 1950 — 1954 (editions); Andrey Vezaly, M., 1965; Ibn Xing (Avicenna) 980 — 1037, M., 1969; Claudius Galen and his works, in book: Galen K. About purpose of parts of a human body, the lane with drevne-grechesk., page 3, M., 1971; About an epitoma, in book: Vezaly A. Epitome, the lane from Latinas., page 9, M., 1974.

Bibliography: Alayev A. N. and With p e r and nanosecond to and y B.C. Foreign and domestic anatomists, page 162, Saratov, 1977; Clumps r and - I am new V. V. and Tatevosyants G. A. Domestic anatomy at stages of history, page 255, M., 1981; Petrov B. D. Contribution of professor V. N. Ternovsky to history of medicine, Owls. zdravookhp., No. 2, page 70, 1978.

V. V. Kupriyanov.