TERNOVSKY Sergey Dmitriyevich

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TERNOVSKY Sergey Dmitriyevich (1896 — 1960) — the Soviet surgeon, the founder of domestic school of children's surgeons, the member correspondent of AMH (1957), zasl. scientist of RSFSR.

TERNOVSKY Sergey Dmitriyevich

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1919. Being on service in Red Army (1919 — 1924), participated in defense of Tsaritsyno. In 1924 — 1925 the intern of the surgical clinic run by A. V. Martynov, and since 1926 the assistant to department of pathology of early children's age Ying-that the protection of motherhood and an infancy the People's commissar-is sensible headed by G. N. Speransky. At the same time organized and headed children's surgical department in the 1st municipal children's hospital of Moscow (the former Morozovskaya). In 1938 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject: "Purulent pleurisy at children and its treatment". Since 1942 professor, department chair of children's surgery and orthopedics of the 2nd MMI.

S. D. Ternovsky is an author more than 70 scientific works devoted to topical issues of surgery and orthopedics of children's age: urgent abdominal and thoracic surgery, surgery of newborns, correction of malformations, surgical treatment of bone and joint tuberculosis. Original techniques of operational treatment of not fusion of an upper lip and the sky, front brain hernia, inborn high standing of a shovel, change kozhngo a rag, treatment of cicatricial stenoses of a gullet are offered them.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, an award of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Diagnosis of surgical diseases of children's age, M., 1943; Diagnosis of some surgical diseases of children's age. M, 1948; Surgery of a children's vozra.st, M., 1949, 1959; Not fusion of an upper lip (labium leporium) at children and its operational treatment, M., 1952; Some questions of children's traumatology, Surgery, No. 12, page 3, 1955; About intracranial surgical access at operations for front brain hernia at children, in the same place, No. 5, page 77, 1957; Surgery of newborns, M., 1959.

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