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TERMITES (Isoptera) — group of insects with hemimetaboly and a public way of life.

In total is apprx. 2600 types of T., from to-rykh in the territory of the USSR 7 types live (in the south of Ukraine, the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, in Central Asia and in the Far East).

T eat. various vegetable food. In rainforests of T. play a certain positive role in soil formation since are the main destroyers of all plant residues. Many types of T. damage cultivated plants, wooden products and details of structures, eat the various materials containing cellulose, and sometimes and nek-ry synthetics. In intestines of nek-ry T. the specialized protozoa providing digestion of wood cellulose live, at others this process happens with the participation of colibacilli.

For protection against T. wood cross ties and columns impregnate with creosote, structures construct on the stone or concrete base. For destruction of harmful T. use organochlorine and others insecticides (see).

Any epidemic value T. have no since contact with the person and products of his food at T. practically is absent, and cases of transfer of T. any diseases were not observed.

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