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TERIOLOGIYA (Greek therion an animal + logos the doctrine) — the section of zoology studying mammals.

The term «teriologiya» is offered in 1928 owls. scientist S. I. Ognev. In English-speaking literature as a synonym use the term «mammology» («mammalogy»).

T. as independent section zoology (see) it was allocated at a boundary of 19 and 20 centuries. The big contribution to its formation and development were brought by domestic scientists of P. S. Pallas, N. A. Severtsov, etc., and also foreign — Seton-Thompson (E. Seton-Thompson), G. Simpson, Thomas (O. Thomas), etc.

In addition to a systematics, paleontology, a comparative anatomy, zoogeography, genetics and ecology of mammals, T. studies questions of protection and rational use of wildings, and also the initial stages of domestication (domestikation) of mammals (see. Domestic animals ). Much attention is paid to a role of mammals in maintenance of infections in the natural centers (see. Natural ochagovost ).

In 1972 at Academy of Sciences of the USSR it was based All-Union teriologichesky about-in. Similar about-va are available in England, GDR, Germany, Japan and other countries. The International teriologichesky congresses are periodically carried out. Special magazines are issued.

See also Mammals

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N. N. Vorontsov.