TERENIN Alexander Nikolaevich

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TERENIN Alexander Nikolaevich (1896 — 1967) — the Soviet fiziko-chemist, one of founders of the Soviet school of photochemists and photobiologists, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), Hera of Socialist Work (1966), the winner of the State award USSR (1946).

TERENIN Alexander Nikolaevich

In 1922 ended Petrograd un-t, worked at department of optics un-that, and also in State optical in-those. Since 1932 professor and the department chair I LIE. Along with 1945 for 1956 the research supervisor State optical in-that.

A. N. Terenin is an author more than 400 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to a problem of interaction of light with molecules of various substances. In 1943 it formulated a hypothesis of a biradical condition of the metastable molecules having the increased reactivity and therefore playing an important role in the photochemistry and photobiology connected with problems of phototherapy and photodynamic action. Together with V. L. Yermolaev the triplet - triplet transfer of energy opened the phenomenon (see. Luminescence ).

In 1946 for scientific work «Photochemical processes in aromatic compounds» it is conferred the State award USSR. In 1950 for a cycle of works «Photochemistry of a chlorophyll and photosynthesis» to it together with A. A. Krasnovsky the award of A. N. Bach on physical chemistry was awarded, in 1953 for works on a luminescence — the gold medal of S. I. Vavilov on physics is handed. In 1959 for works in the field of molecular spectroscopy he got a gold medal Bologna un-that of Giacomo Ciamiciano (Italy), and in 1964 for works on photochemistry — a gold medal of Finzen (England).

A. N. Tsrenin was a member of the academic councils and bureau of Department of chemical sciences of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the representative of the USSR in the International commission on molecular structure and spectroscopy of the International union of pure and applied chemistry, the honorary member of English chemical about-va and French about-va physical chemistry.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (four), Labour Red Banners, the Red Star and medals.

Works: Photochemistry of vapors of salts, JI. — M, 1984; Photochemistry of pi dyes of related organic compounds, M. — JI., 1947; Photonics of molecules of dyes and related organic compounds, L., 1967.

Bibliography: Alexander Nikolaevich Te renin, sost. R. I. Goryacheva and O. F. Rumyantsev, M., 1971.

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