TEREBINSKY Nikolay Naumovich

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TEREBINSKY Nikolay Naumovich (1880 — 1959) — the Soviet surgeon, professor, zasl. scientist of RSFSR.

TEREBINSKY Nikolay Naumovich

Upon termination of medical f-that Moscow un-that in 1904 worked in hospital surgical clinic under the leadership of P. I. Dyakonov. In 1907 protected dokt. the thesis about operational cancer therapy of a throat. Since 1909 together with N. I. Napalkov edited the Hirurgiya magazine. In 1911 the privatdozent Moscow un-that.

Since 1912 the manager. children's surgical department of hospital of Sacred Vladimir (nowadays city nursery-tsa of I. V. Rusakov). During World War I (1914 — 1918) worked in surgical infirmary. In the report at the XIV congress of the Russian surgeons (1916) he formulated tasks of surgeons on the advanced points and stages of evacuation. In 1919 H. N. Tere-binsky would organize surgical department Moscow nodal (nowadays Central hospital No. 4 of N. A. Semashko), about a cut all its further surgical activity is connected. Since 1920 professor of surgical clinic of the Higher medical school in Moscow. In 1924 he headed hospital surgical clinic of the 2nd MSU (is later than the 2nd MMI). In days of the Great Patriotic War of H. N. Terebinsky was a consultant evakogospitaly, then hl. surgeon of the Fourth Head department M3 of the USSR.

With a name H. N. Terebinsky progress in development of a heart surgery is connected. Working in S. S. Bryukhonenko's laboratory, it executed the pilot studies which confirmed a possibility of perfusion of a complete organism of an animal (dog) with use of the cardiopulmonary bypass and carrying out with its help of endocardiac operations under control of sight with the switched-off heart (1930).

H. N. Terebinsky was a chairman Moscow surgical about-va, the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo about-va surgeons, was elected the chairman of the XXVI congress of surgeons. Works: Some data to a question of malignant new growths of a throat and their operational treatment, a yew., M., 1907; Review of activity of surgical department of the Moscow municipal children's hospital of St. Vladimir, M., 1914; About experimental reproduction of defects of valves of heart, Dokl. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, it is gray. And, No. 22, page 601, 1930; Materials on studying of open access to atrioventricular valves of heart, M. — L., 1940; To history of the Russian and all-Union congresses of surgeons, M., 1946.

Bibliography: Levynite V. S. K to the sixtieth anniversary of the Russian surgical press, Surgery, No. 4, page 3, 1946; M and I am V. S. t, Nikolay Naumovich Terebinsky, To the 95 anniversary since birth, in the same place, No. 2, page 147, 1975; Terebinsky Nikolay Naumovich, in book: In the revolutionary way — to knowledge, Saturday., it is devoted. to the 1st release of doctors of an intensive course medical Fak. in Moscow, page 70, M., 1925.

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