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TEORELL Hugo (Theorell Axei Hugo Theodor, sort. in 1903) — the Swedish biochemist, the Nobel Prize laureate (1955).


Ended in 1924 medical f-t Carolinian in-that in Stockholm. Since 1924 the assistant to medikokhimichesky department Carolinian in-that. Since 1930 the doctor of science. In 1932 — 1936 the assistant to professor of medical chemistry un-that in Uppsa-le, since 1937 professor of biochemistry Nobel medical in-that in Stockholm.

Main works of X. Teorellya are devoted to studying of the nature and the mechanism of effect of oxidizing enzymes. He established that many vitamins (in particular, groups B) participate in biochemical reactions as coenzymes. It for the first time received a myoglobin in a crystal look that allowed to study structure of this protein further. X. Teorell investigated also properties of alcohol dehydrogenase.

A Nobel Prize in the field of medicine and physiology it is awarded for works on studying of enzymes of cellular respiration. Honorary member of academies and high fur boots of many countries of the world.

Works: The reaction between catalase, azide and hydrogen peroxide, Arch. Biochem., v. 41, p. 462, 1952 (sovm. with Ehrenberg A.); Molecular weight and FMN content of crystalline «old yellow enzyme», ibid., v. 65, p. 439, 1956 (sovm. with Akeson A.).

Bibliography: Lex Prix Nobel en 1955 p. 82, Stockholm, 1956.

I. M. Karmansky.