TENTSOVA Antonina Ivanovna

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TENTSOVA Antonina Ivanovna (sort. in 1922) — the Soviet druggist, the member correspondent of AMH (1975). The member of the CPSU since 1944.

TENTSOVA Antonina Ivanovna

Ended Moscow pharmaceutical in-t in 1950. In 1950 — 1952 the senior inspector of Head department the highest medical educational institutions M3 of the USSR. In 1952 — 1956 the head of department of training of paramedical staff, the deputy chief of Head department by M3 educational institutions of the USSR. From 1956 to 1958 the assistant to department of technology of drugs Pharmaceutical in-that. In 1958 — 1961 the graduate student of the 1st MMI. From 1961 to 1964 the assistant to department of technology of drugs of the 1st MMI. Since 1964 the associate professor of the same department. Since 1965 the director of All-Union scientific research institute of pharmacy. In 1971, protected dokt. thesis. Along with 1972 heads department of factory technology of drugs of the 1st MMI, and since 1976 the deputy chairman of Pharmacopoeian committee.

A. I. Tentsova is the author of 5 monographs, 4 reference books and apprx. 250 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to development of a recent trend of pharmaceutical science — biopharmacy. It formulated theoretical provisions of biopharmacy, a number of methods of definition biol is developed. availability of pharmaceuticals, degree and the speed of their absorption from various dosage forms. A number of works is devoted to scientific development of the general questions of technology of dosage forms: to solubilization, a korrigirovaniye, stabilization, development of children's dosage forms, use of polymers in pharmacy, etc. Under its management works in the field of creation of new dosage forms — liposomes and firm disperse systems are carried out. Works as A. I. Tentsova in the field of the organization of provision of medicines of the population, including on development of the automated system of planning of medicamentous providing and management of pharmaceutical economy of the country, and also a research on development of the methodical principles of definition of requirements of healthcare institutions for medicines and other medical products are known.

A. I. Tentsova is the deputy chairman of Scientific council on pharmacology and pharmacy of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the chairman of the problem commission «Pharmacy» of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the deputy chairman of advisory council of VAK USSR, the member of bureau of department of medicobiological sciences of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the vice chairman of the board Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va druggists, the editor of editorial department «Pharmacology» of BME, the associate editor of the Pharmation magazine. A. I. Tentsova — the honorary member about-in druggists of Hungary, Bulgaria, Medical about-va of Ya. Purkinye (ChSSR).

It is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner (three), Friendship of the people and medals. For works in the field of biopharmacy it is awarded by a gold medal of the Slovak academy of Sciences.

Works: Receiving and research of dosage forms for children, a yew., M., 1971; Pharmacy in the USSR, M., 1973 (sovm. with other); Dosage form and therapeutic effectiveness of drugs, M., 1974 (sovm. with Azhgikhin I. S.); Pharmaceutical matter in the capitalist countries, M., 1976 (sovm. with other); Bases of the scientific organization of work in drugstores, M., 1980 (sovm. with Skulko-voy R. S.); Modern aspects of a research and production of ointments, M., 1980 (sovm., with Walnut V. M.).

M. T. Alyushin.