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TENTORIAL SYNDROME (Latin tentorium a tent, here — cerebellar is mashed; a syndrome) — the neurologic symptom complex caused by pathological process in the field of cerebellar it is mashed.

Development of T. the page can be caused by immediate effect on cerebellar is mashed (preferential tumors of cerebellar it is mashed), and also disturbance of normal topografo-anatomic ratios owing to dislocations of a brain (see) between an opening of cerebellar it is mashed, on the one hand, and formations of an upper part of a trunk and a cerebellum (a cerebellar and tentorial vklineniye) or medial edge of a temporal share — with another.

Clinically the hl is shown. obr. headaches with characteristic irradiation in a nape, a neck, a forehead, eyeglobes, a frontal bone in a combination to a photophobia, dacryagogue, a nictitating spasm. Tame component T. pages at tumors of a brain are paralysis of a look up (see. Look paralysis, spasm ), vertical nystagmus (see), weakening (loss) of pupillary tests, one - and bilateral cerebellar frustration. At I.e. also forced position of the head, attacks of trunk tonic spasms with a loss of consciousness are described.

Treatment and forecast are defined by a basic disease.

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