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TENOLYSIS (Greek tenon a sinew, a vein + lysis unleashing, release) — the operation consisting in release of a sinew from cicatricial commissures with surrounding fabrics. Such commissures are formed as a result of wounds of soft tissues, fractures of bones, operative measures, a long immobilization, etc. (see. Contracture ).

The most frequent indications to T. are: an extensive contracture of a knee joint, an extensive contracture of interphalangeal joints of fingers of a brush, functional insolvency of sinews of sgibatel of fingers of a brush after their sewing together or a tendoplastika.

T. it is made by careful preparation of soft tissues by sharp instrument (a scalpel, the tendinous raspatory). After T. the extremity is fixed a plaster splint in the provision of hyper correction for 7 — 10 days. Then carry out the complex treatment directed to prevention of a recurrence of commissural process (to lay down. gymnastics, heat baths, course UVCh, mud applications, massage, compresses with lidazy, injections of pyrogenal, a lidaza).

See also Sinews .

L. N. Bryantseva.