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TENOGRAFIYA (Greek tenon a sinew, a vein + grapho to write, represent; synonym tenonografiya) — X-ray inspection of tendinous vaginas by their artificial contrasting. The hl is put into practice seldom. obr. for assessment of a condition of tendinous vaginas of a brush at a pseudorheumatism and at injuries of sinews of fibular muscles.

Under local anesthesia make a puncture of a tendinous vagina on a palmar surface of a brush, in the field of a distal third of a proximal phalanx of the II—V fingers. Through a needle under X-ray television control enter 2 — 4 ml of 50 — 60% of solution of triyodirovanny water-soluble contrast medium (Urografinum, Hypaque, etc.) then carry out direct and slanting pictures brushes (see).

For carrying out peroneal T. punktirut the general synovial vagina of fibular muscles over an outside anklebone and enter into it 10 — 15 ml of a contrast agent then make direct and slanting pictures of a distal third of a shin. Upon termination of X-ray analysis (see) through the same needle a contrast agent is sucked away and enter 10 — 15 ml of 0,5% of solution of novocaine.

Inflammatory damages of tendinous vaginas on a tenogram-move are shown by irregularity of a gleam of vaginas, roughness of their contours, existence of diverticulums. Injuries of a tendinous vagina are followed by an exit of a contrast agent out of its limits. Disturbance of an integrity sinews (see) it is characterized at T. disturbance of a continuity of contours of sinews against the background of the contrast agent filling a tendinous vagina.

After T. the phenomena reactive are possible synovitis (see), followed by pain and hypostasis in the field of a research, to-rye usually pass in 1 — 2 day without treatment.

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V. V. Kitayev.