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TELEX-RAY ANALYSIS (Greek tele afar, is far + a X-ray analysis) — the method of a X-ray analysis from long distance intended for obtaining the image which amount approach the true size of the studied object. T. it was offered in 1905 by the German radiologist A. Köhler.

Under laws skialogiya (see) owing to the dispersing character of a bunch of x-ray emission the image on a priyekhchnik of radiation always is increased. During considerable removal (1,5 — 2 m) of a radiator from the cartridge the working bunch of radiation becomes almost parallel to the central bunch directed to an object and the cartridge perpendicularly. At the same time the sizes of the image and an object almost match.

T. carry out on a support for a X-ray analysis. T. it has to be made on the devices having X-ray tubes of high power that allows to reduce endurance and to reduce dynamic unsharpness of the image.

T. make in those cases, kog yes it is necessary to receive close to true the sizes of body. More often than T. apply at a research of heart (see), is more rare for the purpose of diagnosis nek-ry patol. conditions of a backbone, during the planning of radiation therapy, e.g., adenomas of a hypophysis, etc.

At rentgenogrammetrichesky researches (see. Rentgenogrammetriya ), 2 m which are carried out on pictures from distance, in most cases it is possible to neglect small projective blowup. For more precision measurement of heart on teleroentgenograms the correction factor is entered, to-ry it is equal under the conditions of shooting stated above 0,96. T. hearts carry out in three standard projections: a front straight line and two lobbies slanting — right and left. T. a backbone carry out by method of consecutive shooting of its various departments, using at the same time a folding diaphragm.

See also X-ray analysis .

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I. P. Korolyuk.