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TELEANGIECTASIA (teleangiectasia; Greek telos the end + angeion a vessel + ektasis expansion) — one of options of an angiectasia which is characterized by permanent local expansion of small vessels, hl. obr. capillaries. Earlier many researchers considered T. as benign vascular tumor.

Inborn T. develop because of disturbances of formation of vessels in the embryonal period and Osler's diseases — Randyu serve as manifestation of a number of hereditary diseases, napr (see. Oslera — Randyu a disease ). The acquired T. are observed at various diseases and patol. states, napr, at red eels (see. Eels ), a lupus erythematosus (see), a rinofizha (see), a ring-shaped teleangiekta-tpchesky purpura (see. Mayokki disease ), a nevus (see), beam injuries of skin (see. Beam damages), hron. diseases of a liver (see), heart failure (see), etc., being quite often one of the symptoms considered in differential diagnosis.

T are located. in skin, is more rare in mucous and serous membranes, a retina of an eye, internals (lungs, a liver, kidneys, a spleen), in bones (is more often in bodies of vertebrae). Macroscopically T., as a rule, have an appearance of dark red or purple-violet spots of various size from uneven, more rare a smooth surface. Spots have the wrong outlines, slightly tower over the level of skin or mucous membrane, turn pale during the pressing. At hron. diseases of a liver, napr, cirrhoses, on face skin, hands and in a so-called zone of a decollete appear arachnoid, sometimes pulsing T.

Mikroskopicheski T. consist of a set of the expanded, overflowed with blood capillaries, in walls to-rykh development of connecting fabric is noted. On coal mine T. skin quite often consist of small segments, in to-rykh along with expanded capillaries sweat, sebaceous glands and hair follicles are found. Feature of beam T., developing as a result of beam injuries of skin, their emergence against the background of an atrophy of skin, its appendages and hypodermic cellulose, and also disturbances of pigmentation is.

In isolated cases there can come the progressing growth of T. with proliferation of an endothelium or to develop the tumor of type angioendotelio-we (see).

Need of treatment arises usually when T., napr, at Osler's disease — Randyu, is a source of nasal, pulmonary, gastrointestinal or other bleeding (see), or retinal apoplexies of an eye, a cover of a brain and a brain.

See also Angiectasia , Gemolimfangiektaziya of skin .

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