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TELALGIYA (telalgia; Greek tele is far + algos pain) — emergence of sensation of pain far from a true source of pain.

The term is offered by Pitkin and Fezant (N. S. of Pitkin, N. S. Pheasant) who described a so-called sakrartrogenetichesky telalgiya in 1936 — the pains in a rump, a crotch, a shin and a sole arising at patol. processes in sacroiliac or in kresttsovopoyasnichny joints. It was suggested that T. is «resonance» of defeat embryological of a related metamere. Telalgiya under the figurative name «sympathetic sufferings of joints» was described in 1913 by the domestic doctor M. N. Lapinsky observing pains and contractures of hl. obr. coxofemoral and knee joints at the most various defeats of belly and pelvic bodies (at appendicitis, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, diseases of a female genital, etc.). The hip joint «responds» to defeat of L1 and S3 of segments, knee — to defeat of L4, talocrural — L5 of a segment of a spinal cord. M. N. Lapinsky (1915) tracked also communication between pains in the field of the tail of a neck and a shoulder girdle and diseases of bodies of a small pelvis. Topical treatment of the «sympathizing» joint is inefficient; symptoms of T. disappear at elimination of the main center patol. process.

The term «telalgiya» in a crust, time is practically not used in a wedge, neurology and has generally historical interest. T., apparently, is option of the synalgias arising on the mechanism repercussions (see).

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M. O. Friedland.