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TBILISI MEDICAL INSTITUTE (Tbilisi awards of the Labour Red Banner medical institute) — head medical in-t of the Georgian SSR. It is created in 1918 as medical f-t Tbilisi un-that and reorganized into medical institute in 1930. The first professors medical f-that un-that were the largest scientists with materialistic outlook and eminent public figures: G. M. Mukhadze, S. S. Virsaladze, I. E. Tikanadze, A. N. Natishvili, I. S. Beritashvili, A.S. Aladashvili, S. K. Gogitidze, N. S. Kakhiani, A. G. Machavariani, V. V. Voronin, S. S. Amiredzhibi, G. G. Gambarashvili, B. I. Moseshvili, V. K. Zhgenti, M. M. Asatiani, I. A. Anfimov, etc. They prepared the first shots of teachers of institute.

In days of the Great Patriotic War many of professors, teachers and students of older years left on the front, a part of professors and teachers conducted a lot of work in evakogospitalyakh.

In a crust, time in in-those 5 faculties with the following number of students: on medical — 2784, pediatric — 1319, sanitary and hygienic — 612, dental — 405, pharmaceutical — 596. In total at institute 5716 students study at 72 departments and 5 independent courses. Since 1969 the preparing room is organized. On medical f-those and the preparing room training is conducted in the Georgian and Russian languages, on other f-takh only on Georgian. There is a library having more than 500 thousand volumes, the hostel and the sports camp for students at the resort At the river on the bank of the Black Sea. Since 1962 in in-those the central research laboratory (CRL) consisting now of 11 departments is organized (a pathophysiology and experimental therapy, genetics, biophysics, microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, etc.). For years of the existence in-volume 28 600 specialists are trained.

Building of the Tbilisi medical institute.

Among the faculty there are 2 academicians of AN of GSSR, 4 members correspondent of AN of GSSR, one winner Lenin and two winners of the Republican state award, 23 honored workers of science of the republic. In in-those 108 doctors of science from whom 93 professors, 347 candidates, from them 128 associate professors work. In in-those 111 graduate students and 193 clinical interns study.

Ying t has three educational cases for public and theoretical disciplines and a number of clinics with the general bed fund over 5 thousand units; provides advice to medical institutions of all medical network of the republic. At clinics in-that polyclinic departments with a capacity on average of 217 000 patients a year are organized.

At in-those specialized councils for award of academic degrees for different medical specialties function.

Within problem planning of scientific research the scientific profile in-that is defined is «Age medicine». Gerontological researches established new morphological, genetic, biochemical, immunological and physiological changes, characteristic of aging; age features of a course of nek-ry diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and secretory systems are revealed; on this basis the principles of rational treatment at advanced and senile age are developed.

Scientists in-that prepared a number of the fundamental guides in Georgian to various medical disciplines.

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K. S. Virsaladze.