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TASHKENT MEDICAL INSTITUTE (Tashkent state awards of the Labour Red Banner medical institute) — leading medical research institute of the Uzbek SSR.

It is organized as medical faculty as a part of V. I. Lenin created in 1920 under the decree of the first in Central Asia higher educational institution — Turkestan state un-that (nowadays Tashkent state by un-t of V. I. Lenin). In 1931 in medical f-t it was transformed in independent Central Asian medical by in-t, renamed in 1935 in Tashkent state medical by in-t. In structure in-that there were 4 faculties: treatment-and-prophylactic, protection of motherhood and infancy, sanitary and preventive and dental. Formation and development in-that is connected with names of professors P. P. Sit-kovsky, A. N. Kryukov, P. F. Bohr, M. I. Slonim, I. I. Orlov, I. A. Kassirsky, A. A. Askarov, N. I. Ismailov, And. 3. Za-hidova, E. I. Atakhanova, 3. I. Umidova.

Medical case of the Tashkent medical institute.

In the eighties in structure in-that four faculties: two medical, dental and sanitary and hygienic. At in-those the preparing room, medical school and faculty of professional development for teachers of average medical educational institutions function. Four departments are merged into one-profile scientific research institutes: department of hospital surgery — with the Tashkent branch of All-Union scientific center of surgery of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences; department of oncology — with Ying volume of a radiology, radiology and oncology; department of hospital therapy — with Ying volume of cardiology; department of utility hygiene — with Ying volume of sanitation, hygiene and occupational diseases, department of orthopedics and traumatology — with Institute of orthopedics and traumatology of M3 of the Uzbek SSR. From T. m and. in-t (1937), Central Asian pediatric medical were allocated Tashkent pharmaceutical to in-t (1972). Scientists and graduates of T. m and. improvements of doctors, and also a number of scientific research institute of a medical profile were directly involved in the organization in Uzbekistan of the Samarkand, Andijan medical in-t and Tashkent in-that.

The number of students in in-those increased with 205 in 1920 to 8921 in 1981, and release of doctors — with 20 in 1921 till 1300 in 1981. In in-those students of 50 nationalities study, in it more than 30 thousand doctors, from them more than 50% of persons of local nationalities are trained. Since 1962 in in-those students from the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America study.

At institute of St. one thousand professors and teachers. Among them there is 1 corresponding member of AMN, 4 academician and the corresponding member of AN of the Uzbek SSR, 90 professors and doctors of science, 620 associate professors and candidates of science, Hera of Socialist Work (1), winners Lenin (1) and the State (2) awards, winners of an award of Lenin Komsomol (7) and a republican award of Beruni (4), zasl. scientists of the Uzbek SSR (24).

To in-those 80 departments and the Central Research Laboratory (CRL), on base to-rykh training of graduate students and interns, two problem and one industry scientific laboratories, library (about 800 thousand volumes), department of scientific medical information and patent department is carried out. Educational and scientific bases in-that are equipped with the modern equipment and the equipment, in educational process широк© technical means ©бучения are used, programming training and control of knowledge of students are entered. Ying t has the clinics on 3,2 thousand beds, a part of departments works at base of republican and city clinical BCs, maternity d@m, clinics with the general bed fund of 7 thousand beds. The new institute complex counted on training of 9 thousand students is created, clinics on 1,7 thousand beds, the main educational case, hostels on 6 thousand students, the house of graduate students, a student's dispensary, sports constructions became operational.

Ying-that the right to accept doctoral and master's theses to protection is granted. For all years in in-those it is prepared apprx. 300 doctors and more than 2 thousand candidates of science. Scientists in-that made a big contribution to studying and elimination of such in due time eurysynusic diseases in Central Asia as a parasitic worm, malaria, hemorrhagic fever, a leushmaniosis and a heliotropic gepatodistrofiya. Researches on medicobiological and clinical problems of medicine are conducted: new pharmaceuticals are approved and implemented in a wedge, practice, it is given a gigabyte. a regulation of content of pesticides in objects of the environment, etc. The St. 17 thousand scientific articles, 392 monographs, 62 textbooks and manuals, more than 200 collections of scientific works, 176 methodical recommendations is published, scientists Ying-that received more than 250 copyright certificates, etc.

In 1971 to in-t it is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner, in 1980 — the Certificate of honor of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Uzbek SSR.

Bibliography: The almanac of the Tashkent award of the Labour Red Banner of the state medical institute (1920 — 1980), under the editorship of S. A. Aripov, Tashkent, 1980; Molchanov S.A. is 35 years old of the Tashkent state medical institute, Tashkent, 1954.

U. A. Aripov.