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TASHEV Tasho (sort. in 1909) — the Bulgarian therapist; academician. Bulgarian academy of Sciences (1974), foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1975).

Tasho's TAShEV

In 1935 ended medical f-t Sofia un-that. Since 1947 the associate professor, and since 1949 professor of department of internal diseases medical f-that Sofia un-that. Since 1950 the department chair of internal diseases Ying-that specializations and improvements of doctors. In 1952 — 1955 the rector of it in-that. Since 1956 the director Ying-that food of the Bulgarian academy of Sciences. Since 1972 the director of the Center of hygiene.

T. Tashev possesses St. 400 scientific works, hl. obr. concerning clinical gastroenterology and dietology. Manuals by internal diseases and gastroenterology are written to them. Are studied. also are implemented in to lay down. to the practician such vegetable drugs as letsi-pitch, Rosanolum. T. Tashev conducted researches on a pathogeny and clinic of a steatosis of a liver, alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis, to-rye are generalized in the monograph «Alcoholic Injuries of a Liver and Digestive Tract».

T. Tashev is one of founders Bulgarian scientific about-va gastroenterologists and its first chairman.

Works: Diyetichno to the hranena, 1st prod., Sofia, 1957, 3 prod., Sofia, 1972 (sovm. with other); Meditsinsk parasitology, Sofia, 1961 (sovm. with other); Klinichna dietetics, Sofia, 1966; Vrodeni and pridobit of an enzymopathy, Sofia, 1976 (edition, Russian lane, M., 1980); Sjvremenni to a problem in a gastroyenterolo-giyat, Sofia, 19 79 (an edition sovm. with Co-larski V.).

Bibliography: Professor T. A. Tashev (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Klin, medical, t. 47, No. 2, page 3, 1969.

I. S. Klemashev.