TARUSOV Boris Nikolaevich

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TARUSOV Boris Nikolaevich (1900 — 1977) — the Soviet biophysicist, the Dr.Sci.Biol. (1938), professor (1946). The member of the CPSU since 1946. Winner of the State award USSR (1983, posthumously).

TARUSOV Boris Nikolaevich

After the termination of natural department physical and mathematical f-that Odessa un-that (1923) and postgraduate studies (1927) it was directed to work in All-Ukrainian to in-t of balneology (Odessa). From 1931 to 1935 worked as the senior research associate Ying-that biochemistry of A. N. Baha Narkomzdrava, and then (1935 — 1940) — Ying-that experimental medicine (VIEM). In 1938 B. N. Tarusov protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Kinetics of Priming Inflammatory Reaction». This work formed a basis for creation of an original kinetic method of a research. Since 1939 the manager. laboratory, then the deputy director on science Ying-that pathologies and therapies of intoxications of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In days of the Great Patriotic War, participating in air defense of Moscow, B. N. Tarusov continues to study also interaction of toxins with protoplasm of cells. From 1952 to 1954 the manager. laboratory of biophysics Ying-that biophysics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1953 organized on biological f-that MSU the USSR's first department of biophysics, to-ruyu headed until the end of life.

B. N. Tarusov is an author apprx. 250 scientific works, including 8 monographs and manuals. Its researches were devoted to studying of physical and physical and chemical patterns of a current biol. processes, mechanisms of adaptation, to questions of radiation biophysics. He developed the theory of course of chain reactions of oxidation of lipids in live systems and showed their role in normal life activity of organisms and in development patol. processes (with a tumoral growth, radiation injury, etc.). B. N. Tarusov showed value of system of antioxidants in regulation biol. processes. He opened and in detail studied a superweak luminescence of tissues of animals in the visible range of a range. Recognition of scientific merits of B. N. Tarusov was award of the State award for a cycle of works to it «Physical and chemical mechanisms of free radical peroxide oxidation of lipids in the biological membranes» published in 1954 — 1981

B. N. Tarusov «Biophysics» of BME was an editor-in-chief of a redotdel; it was elected the chancellor of the International committee on radiation researches, was a member of the International commission on biophysical education, the chairman of section of biophysics and radiobiology of Scientific and technical council, and also the member of editorial boards of Biofizika and Radiobiologiya magazines, the chairman of section of biophysics of the Moscow society of testers of the nature, the honourable doctor of natural sciences of Humboldt University Berlin.

It is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner, medals.

Works: Conductivity as method of definition of viability of fabrics, Arkh. biol. sciences, t. 52, century 2, page 178, 1938; Kinetics of priming inflammatory reaction, yew., M., 1940; Bases of biological effect of radoactive radiations, M., 1955; Fundamentals of biophysics and biophysical chemistry, M., 1960; Primary processes of radiation injury, M., 1962; Superweak luminescence of biological systems, M., 1967 (sovm. with other); Autoregulatory role of antioxidants at adaptation of organisms to environmental conditions, Biophysics, t. 15, century 2, page 324, 1970; The Current state of biophysics, Molecular biophysics, Cellular biophysics, in book: History biol. since the beginning of the 20th century up to now, under the editorship of L. Ya. Blyakher, page 285, 468, M., 1975; Oxidizing free radical processes and bioantioxidants at carcinogenesis, in book: Emanuel H. M, etc. Biophysics of cancer, page 107, Kiev, 1976; Superweak luminescences of plants and their applied value, M., 1978 (sovm. with Veselovsky V. A.).

Bibliography: Boris Nikolaevich Tarusov, Biophysics, t. 23, century 1, page 188, 1978; Boris Nikolaevich Tarusov, Radiobiology, t. 18, century 3, page 469, 1978; Burlakova E. V., etc. Boris Nikolaevich Tarusov, 1900 — 1977, M., 1983.

E. V. Burlakova.