TARNOVSKY Veniamin Mikhaylovich

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TARNOVSKY Veniamin Mikhaylovich (1837 — 1906) — the domestic doctor, one of founders of venereology in Russia.

TARNOVSKY Veniamin Mikhaylovich

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1859, would work as the intern Kalinkinska in St. Petersburg. In 1868 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Recognition of Venereal Diseases at Women and Children» published as the special management. In 1869 headed the department of syphilology organized in the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy (since 1881 VMA). Since 1873 extraordinary, and since 1890 ordinary professor. In 1894 — 1897 directed the joint department of dermatology and venereology of VMA.

Scientific works of V. M. Tarnovsky are devoted to questions of clinic, pathology and epidemiology of syphilis, treatment of venereal diseases. He showed the frequency and diagnostic value of degenerative changes in fabrics and bodies at the children who were born from mothers sick with syphilis, a possibility of «the doubled syphilis», under the Crimea understood superinfection at patients with inborn syphilis, and also a possibility of transfer of a syphilitic infection to the third generation. It showed also that precautionary treatment of pregnant women can prevent transfer of syphilis to a fruit; entered into treatment of a venereal ulcer an iodoform, and gonorrhoeas — permanganate zinc. In 1885 M. Tarnov-sky based Russian (the first in Europe) sifilidologichesky and dermatological about-in, his name was appropriated to Krom in 1932. In 1897 on its initiative the All-Russian congress of doctors of syphilologists and territorial doctors for discussion of actions against spread of syphilis in Russia is convened. With active participation of V. M. Tarnovsky in 1897 in St. Petersburg it was open Women's medical for in-t.

Works: Recognition of venereal diseases at women and children, SPb., 1863, 1867; Course of venereal diseases, SPb., 1870; Puberty, its current, deviations and diseases, SPb., 1886; Prostitution and abolitionism, SPb., 1888; Malignant syphilis, M., 1896; The Doubled syphilis and syphilitic heredity, Prakt. doctor, t. 1, No. 2, page 34, 1902; Curability of syphilis, SPb., 1904.

Bibliography: Arkhangelsk S. P., V. M. Tarnovsky, L., 1966; Pavlov T. and Kulnev S. Memories of professor Veniamin Mikhaylovich Tarnovsky, Russian doctor, t. 5, No. 21, page 648, 1906.

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