TARKHANOV Ivan Ramazovich

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TARKHANOV Ivan Ramazovich (Tarkhnishvili, Tarkhan-Mouravi; 1846 — 1908) — the domestic physiologist,» professor (1877).

TARKHANOV Ivan Ramazovich

In 1869 I. R. Tarkhanov graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. Under the leadership of I. M. Sechenov in 1871 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Influence of Warmth on Feeling Nervyg Back and a Brain of Not Bloodless and Bloodless Frogs». From 1877 to 1895 professor of department of physiology of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy (since 1881 VMA). Since 1892 the academician of VMA. In 1895 — 1901 was the privatdozent St. Petersburg un-that.

Scientific activity of I. R. Tarkhanov was devoted to hl. obr. to questions of physiology of c. N of page. It the first of I. M. Sechenov's pupils vypolnrsh work on experimental physiologically analysis of the phenomena of summation in sensory nerves (1869). Under the influence of I. M. Sechenov's ideas it investigated metabolic shifts at emergence of the local and extending excitement that was theoretical premises for development afterwards of the membrane and ion theory of excitement. I. R. Tarkhanov studied nek-ry patterns of processes of excitement and braking in various departments of c. N of page, mechanisms of a dream and anesthesia. The galvanic skin response (Tarkhanov's phenomenon) was opened for them, edges it is used for studying of a functional condition of century of N of page, researches in the field of physiology of work, sport, air and space medicine. I. R. Tarkhanov studied influence on an organism of environmental factors (heat, light, cold), one of the first (1896) investigated action on c. N of page of ionizing radiation.

In I. R. Tarkhanov's laboratory experiments on studying of influence of various poisons on bioelectric processes in neuromuscular system at a frog were begun. Jointly with the pupils he developed questions of physiology of digestion, hemopoietic and lymphatic system, established a role of nervous control in processes of redistribution (deposition) of blood, investigated bilious pigments (1875).

I. R. Tarkhanov was a member domestic and nek-ry foreign medical about-in, the corresponding member Parisian biological about-va. He organized physiological section of zoological department St. Petersburg about-va scientists (1876), on base a cut the first in our country was created afterwards Physiological about-in. In I. R. Tarkhanov's laboratory B. F. Verigo, V. 10 worked. Cha-govets, etc.

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