TAREEV Evgeny Mikhaylovich

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TAREEV Evgeny Mikhaylovich (sort. in 1895) — the Soviet therapist, the academician of AMH (1948), Hera of Socialist Work (1965), the winner of the Lenin award (1974) and the State awards of the USSR (1946, 1983), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1948).

TAREEV Evgeny Mikhaylovich

In 1917 ended medical f-thetas Moscow un-that. Since 1936 headed department of therapy of the 3rd MMI. Since 1951 the department chair of therapy of the 1st MMI. Along with 1929 but 1951 directed clinic Ying-that medical parasitology and tropical medicine.

E. M. Tareev is an author more than 700 works, including 10 monographs, and also many collections and the managements prepared with his participation and under its edition. A specific place among its works is held by problems of pathology of a liver. E. M. Tareev and P. G. Sergiyev for the first time (1939) proved a possibility of development of hepatitis with the expressed jaundice after introduction to an organism of an axenic filtrate of the serum received from the patient with a viral hepatitis that was the certificate in favor of a virus etiology of this disease and for the first time in the USSR described a wedge, a picture of serumal hepatitis (Sergiyev's disease — Tareeva). E. M. Tareev studied an acute and chronic viral hepatitis, viral cirrhosis from the outcome in cirrhosis cancer of a liver. The role of a virus of hepatitis B in a pathogeny of extrahepatic defeats at chronic active hepatitis was established to them, in emergence of a nodular periarteritis, separate cases of a syndrome of Shegren, a pseudorheumatism. For the first time in our country it in detail studied alcoholic damages of a liver (acute and chronic alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis and others).

Other direction of scientific activity of E. M. Tareeva is studying of pathology of kidneys. It develops questions of functional diagnosis (Reberg's test — Tareeva is entered into practice), physiology and pathologies of an uropoiesis, a role of kidneys in preservation of a homeostasis, etc. A number of works is devoted to damage of kidneys at diseases and various patol. conditions of other bodies and systems of an organism (a nephropathy of pregnant women, gout, rheumatism, shock, a pseudorheumatism, a periodic disease, a multiple myeloma, a hemorrhagic vasculitis, etc.), and also at prolonged use of a hemodialysis. It studied a pathogeny of many links of inflammatory and dystrophic processes in kidneys, their original classification is offered.

E. M. Tareev investigated system diseases, diseases of connecting fabric (see. Collagenic diseases ), complications of medicinal therapy, pathology of cardiovascular system. He also studied a long septic endocarditis, a hypertension (the malignant form) and gipertenzionny states, a myocardial infarction, myocardites, system vasculites, damages of heart in connection with diseases of other bodies, and also tromboembolic episodes and parasitic diseases (is allocated including at malaria). E. M. Tareev one of the first investigated process sedimentations of erythrocytes (see), entered indicators of ROE (SOE) into a wedge, practice, described a picture of blood at leukoses, anemias, nek-ry infectious and occupational diseases.

The special place in activity of E. M. Tareeva borrows pedagogical activity. Innovations in teaching therapy are offered them, training programs at the rate of internal diseases are developed, a number of textbooks, managements for students and teachers is created. E. M. Tareev is an organizer and the permanent chairman Vsesoyuznogo nephrological about-va, and since 1965 the chairman Vserossiyskogo scientific medical about-va therapists, the chairman and the deputy chairman Moscow therapeutic about-va; the deputy editor-in-chief redotdet «Urology. Nephrology. The sexual pathology», the editor redotdet «Allergology» of BME, the editor of magazines «Urology and Nephrology», «Clinical Nephrology».

E. M. Tareev honorary doctor of science of Karlov un-that, honorary member Ob-va of nephrologists and internist of GDR, gastroenterologists of NRB, member of the World association of therapists.

Works: Anemia of braytik, M., 1929; Diseases of kidneys, M. — L., 1936; Viral jaundice (epidemic hepatitis in connection with immunization by human serum), Rubbed. arkh., t. 18, century 6, page 595, 1940 (sovm. with other); Clinic of malaria, M., 1943, 1946; Idiopathic hypertensia, M., 1948; Internal diseases, M., 1952, 1957; Nephrites, M., 1958; Multivolume guide to internal diseases, t. 1 — 10, M., 1962 — 1966 (bus of vol. 5, 9 and edition of vol. 2 — 10); Collagenoses, M., 1965; Epidemic hepatitis, M., 1970 (sovm. with other); Fundamentals of nephrology, t. 1 — 2, M., 1 972 (bus of a number of hl. and edition); Achievements and perspectives of development of clinical nephrology. (Commencement address), M., 1975; Bibliographic index of scientific works of the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences professor Evgeny Mikhaylovich Tareev, M., 1980.

Bibliography: Evgeny Mikhaylovich Tareev (To award of the Lenin award of 1974), Owls. medical, No. 11, page 6, 1974; About ze-retskovsky H. N. K to the 85 anniversary of the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of professor of E. M. Tareeva, Medical parazitol., t. 49, No. 5, page 89, 1980.

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